Friday, July 18, 2014

Just something cool!

In our little town of Bevier, the people all know each other so well. I've personally had in class nearly everyone under the age of 54 and over age 14.... Our mayor is named Bill Cosby. Yeah. Really. I've had both him and his sons in class, and he's a pretty nice "kid".... I think of everyone as a kid, of course, because they sure were when I taught them. Well, our Bill has always and forever loved the famous Bill Cosby. He has agreed with so many who say he's one of our funniest comedians. He has wanted to meet face to face, Bill to Bill....for... Forever. He has publicly cried out that meeting Bill Cosby in person was a lifetime goal.


Well, it turns out The famous Bill was going to be having a concert in Iowa this summer. After our Bill bought tickets, he wrote to the star and asked if he could buy or have a back stage pass because his name was... Well, Bill Cosby, too! Yes! Bevier Bill and his wife...(and maybe more friends)..drove to the concert. Not only did my former student get to meet his namesake idol, Mr. Cosby invited our mayor up on stage during the concert... He was gracious and warm-hearted... A true night to remember. Here is the Facebook pic of the two Bills... I just think that was super cool. Something to make ya smile.



Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

ahhhhhhhhh.... great, great story...

i love, love, love bill cosby! a classy guy.

and now, due to this, i love him and respect him, even more.

super, super, super story... happening.


From My Country Sunrise said...

That is a neat story and most people would not be that gracious to do this!!Such a neat person ~Both Bill's~~