Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh my...

Does your home explode every now and then? Mine does. It seems like we have so much suppressed clutter... Kind of like those famous snakes in a can... And right after Christmas or birthday.... Ka-boom! It's not just the new stuff. Guess we kind of slow down our dedication to keeping the "lion" tamed... We enjoy a little extra company. I usually start some silly rearrangement project... As in... I've currently dumped one side of my closet. I'm going to send some clothes to that happy clothes heaven in the skies!

What happens? Order flies out the window holding hands with any motivation/energy whatsoever... Literally everywhere I look is something... Lots of things to do. I have to get a little grip here... But first I have to concentrate on the positives... Envision a little calm, a lot of clean, and several helpings of class...


In the meantime, I'll enjoy the Summer Nights and Moonlight Sights... Talk soon.


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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

oh aren't those hanging lights, delightful!!!