Sunday, August 10, 2008

Say goodbye to Bevier Homecoming 08

Memorabilia for upcoming sesquicentennial in October...

Former Homecoming queens... beautiful as always.

Many big name Nashville stars have belted out their stuff on this stage....

Little Mr. and Miss Bevier... Aw.... so cute.
Italians, Germans, Welsh, English... Bevier was built by hard working, colorful, and fabulous people who came to work here and decided to make it their home for always.

Hey.. bet you thought I'd dropped off the map, huh? And really, I wasn't present for nearly all the Homecoming festivities as I have been in the past. I went on the Local talent night to see the Little Mr. and Miss Bevier contest and the queens... They also had some of the former queens there... Really fun to see everyone. And I went to the parade.... If you are really craving shots of the Homecoming, go to Cranberry Flats and also visit our Sesquicentennial blog. Many more pics of all the fun there... Have a great Sunday.

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