Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dive in.... The Water's Fine!

Here it is... Year 34. Tomorrow school starts. I spent the evening getting the initial overview sheets ready. We give the kids an idea of the units, books, projects, and scope of the work on the first two days (so they can run if they can!) haha..

I have six hours before my first and only break of the day. Then I meditate (or collapse) for an hour and a half and then go home. Not my favorite schedule of all time, but my son thought it sounded fun... Get it all out of the way and then be done. Oh, youth, with your positive attitude.... Gotta try to remember where I put that!
Have a good week. Bet you thought I was gonna write about the Olympics, huh? Aren't they amazing? I am going to miss them when they close it out and take down the Torch. What determination, talent, and strength of body and mind and will. I watched swimming, diving, gymnastics, and races tonight, and I'm totally exhausted.... haha...

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