Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday Muse

It's August 11th, and today is my gramma's birthday. Last year I dedicated a long post to her here. This year I send her a kiss and a rose. I loved her with all my heart. She is my muse whenever I cook, bake, sew... or putter about the house in any form. I expect to see her waiting for me with the light on at Heaven's window.... She would have been 109 today... Also today was the birthday of my grandfather on my dad's side. And also today in 1976 my dad's mom passed away... August 11th. Some stars aligned today to write the date upon my heart. But my mother's mom had a great attitude about age, and her take on it was, as she said to me one afternoon many years ago: "I just feel about eighteen years old, and when I look into a mirror, I think, 'Who is that old lady?'" Indeed... I'm beginning more and more to see that stranger in the mirror myself. Have a fun day.


Becky K. said...

Remembering those who have gone I read my Mom's Scrapbook about a period of about ten years in our family's history.

Lots and lots of memories. They are good to reflect on. There is not a person who crosses our path who does not leave an imprint of some kind on us. I love your Grandmothers imprint on you!

Becky K.

Mary Isabella said...

Such a beautiful post to somone so special...Mary