Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sassy Spray. . .

Okay, so now I get a tip worth having... now when my "baby" is nearing his 30's in a few years... (gosh, does that ever make me feel old!)... But I teach with the most wonderful faculty anywhere. Today two young ones were in my room after school, and they were comparing notes about having "three's" in the house.. Ah.. I started to say that "Yesterday I remember my son ...." and then I remembered it wasn't really yesterday in this time warp, only in mine. But one mommy shared the merits of this new product on the "market" called Sassy Spray. When a little one decides to be sassy with no luck in other avenues at all.... Sassy Spray evidently does the trick. The recipe seems to be a mix of water and Listerine, which isn't at all lethal... and I was informed that a few times of Sassy Spray in the little pink rosebud mouth did the trick. Seems the only thing needed now to stop the sass is to pull out the Sassy Spray available in travel sizes as well... One look, and the spray isn't even needed...

I began to think about all the uses for such a product in my own life. While I haven't been accused lately of being sassy, I have been called a lot of other things. I'm looking into the possiblity of a "Grumpy Goo" or even a Whiney Wipe..??? Pouty Paste sounds like a winner, and also a much needed Lazy Lotion... The only trouble is, I'd have to do my own dosage, and that might get a bit off center.

I recall my mother's version of Sassy Spray. It was called FLY-SWATTER. No cute names. No spritzy little whiff in the kisser... just the sting of net around metal (I'm old.. She didn't use a plastic one!) on my bare legs.. I could run faster then, but then so could she. I recall using such motivators as stickers, destruction of toys, and time outs. But my son was never sassy, was he? Funny how that great memory fades a bit in time. We used the bar of soap rubbed on the clenched teeth a time or two... I am sure I didn't deserve it since I don't remember what I did!

My only remembrance of this time includes the idea that Gramma was "sanctuary." All I had to do was make it to her, to the phone, or remember enough detail, and my SWAT protector hit the tarmack and brought out the defense I required. My son used my mom AND my dad in a similar fashion.

I realize, ALAS! There is no version of this spray available for the classroom student. But maybe one will materialize in the near future.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Hope you are your loved ones are safe from the storms.

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Oma aka Meme said...

there are times when I too could certainly use this spray for''alas me--
it seems like a good idea for curing mischief coming out of the mouth and also having good breath at the same time
hug Meme