Saturday, August 23, 2008

They came to me!

Well, all good things come to those who wait, they say. My good things have been my geese at the Park. Imagine my excitement and supreme delight Friday morning when I rounded the corner of Mom's driveway and realized 42 Canadian geese were strolling along through the wheat field right here at home. They were in the mists of that foggy Friday sunlight, and apparently in no big hurry to get their little tails off my road... Which was good since I turned all fumble fingers trying to dig out my camera from my purse. I would have been devastated if they'd flown off too soon. But they positively posed.
Once a very long time ago when I was a little girl who wore headscarves and a red coat, my mother looked out our picture window to the west and spotted a lone Canadian goose. Being a typical city-turned-country girl, my mother was pretty sure she could bag this goose and then cook it for her family a la Grizzly Adams style. She called at me to get a move on, and then she dragged on my coat. She gave my headscarf a huge tug in that kind of strangling knot only children of the fifties now recall. We were off with a huge picnic basket... (presumably to scoop up the goose, I guess). She drove through the questionably solid field and thankfully didn't get stuck. The goose watched her from afar, fluttered away as she stealthily snuck up little by little... It was like something I watched from the car (with strict orders to remain inside) in semi-awe and semi-horror. Even at age four I was rooting for the goose.. (No offense, Mom.) And the lovely animal did win. It finally tired of luring my sweet mother farther and farther from the car. It acted wounded, but when it decided to sail off majestically through the air, Mom realized she'd been had by a goose in the middle of November. I was very young, but still happy to realize we were going home with an empty basket.
One week of school down... only 35 to go... Great kids... but long days. Have a fun Sunday!

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