Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tattered Angels Delivery!!! Joy in a box!

If you check out Tattered Angels Blog HERE, you will see such exquisite cards, tags, projects, and paperwork you could sigh for! I have been a fan of this website a few months because I only then discovered its charm. I will admit, the whole process is obscure to me since I've never seen any of these products at work. Some of the labels and jargon is not in my realm of reference, so sometimes a whole post is just so much poetry to me... but the photos, they speak any language of beauty one might imagine. I have looked, pored through their archives... I finally determined to make an order, which was easy as pie. Their checkout system is amazing, and VOILA! I had some product on the way. Today it arrived. I checked out the glimmer mist right away, and the other products will take me a little bit.
????? I don't know what these are, but they are cool!
Glimmer mist seems to be the crux of all their decorating... One spritz ---- and a page emerged in a whole new radiance...
My first sample.... a blank sheet of cardstock, a cutout, and a stencil... a Poof of purely purple...
I haven't accomplished a project, but I'm seeing the possibilities. Oh, yeah, baby... another toy!!!! Look out, World!


Maggey and Jim said...

That stuff really looks exciting.. Can't wait to see what you make..

Lisa said...

It looks like you are gonna be up all night huh?