Monday, March 15, 2010

Wish Jars

March is Art Month. Our exchange student painted this tie for me to wear! Isn't it amazing? It's from a Winslow Homer print... I think my tie is one of the prettiest in the school. There is a really cool "starry starry night" one, too.

We just finished these Wish Jars in Composition. Finally. I didn't remember to take pictures of all of them (I had 13 students.) I think I have a couple more on Facebook if I can find them. Each of the students created the material for the written work inside the jar, based on what they wanted to do with the final product. A couple of them chose to make gift wishes for Moms, girlfriends, etc. They loaded them with all kinds of blessings for their loved ones and with ideas to spend some fun (and inexpensive) times together. I didn't actually grade what went inside because I told them their thoughts in these were private. The one on the left is a "future wishes" jar that one of my girls made for her future child (she's expecting this summer). One girl made an awesome jar with fishing lures and manly stuff for her boyfriend. Two boys created some foo foo ones for their girls that I wish I'd photographed. I told one of them it kind looked like an old bridesmaid....... he was a bit heavy handed with the lace and glitter, and it wasn't his niche in any way. One boy created a cool lacquered geisha, and I know I have a photo somewhere... The one with the palm trees is a memory/wish jar from a girl who took a trip last winter to the Bahamas... She wants to go back! Me, too... (but I never got to go in the first place.)

It was a fun project, and even the prep work wasn't that bad on my part (drinking all those Frappuccinos from Starbucks... What a sacrifice!!!!) Of course, the biggest sacrifice was to let them use my Martha Stewart jeweltone glitter... I mean, really! You should see them save the glitter and put it back in the jar.. I think they believe I'd murder them if they wasted it.. I feel a bit ashamed... Hmmmm.. nah... I don't really. That's the way I was raised... and to use the edges of the colored paper, not the middle... and the ends of the ribbons, not the middle and cut off both ends... Can you spell granddaughter and daughter of Depression Era People?????? Gosh!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That tie is just amazing! Wow!

Maggey and Jim said...

Love the idea.. Grandkids are always wanting to do a craft..

Lisa said...

I wish to be in your class. Where did you get this idea, I love it!! Maybe we can get together to make our own wish jars!!!