Thursday, March 11, 2010

School Daze.... Organizational Oasis!

Outside of the fact I had not fixed my camera correctly, these were some new shots with my new Canon. I'm loving this camera, although there's a small snag between flash photos while the flash charges that I didn't have with the older Kodak one. I bought a new book called One year to an Organized Workplace... I just got it the other day, and I'm already at May... I don't mess around when I get a good thing.. However, (snicker snicker), I have misplaced the book. Hahaha... I figure I have a couple of months to look for it! I fool people. To look at me, you'd think I'm that old tortoise ( slow and steady)... but I don't win races. I either start too late or I start too early and just lie down like 'dat ole bunny.... Yep, I do! This is a system I am blown away by... I have TWO sets of file folders for all my classes. The ones closest to me are for handouts and papers that I need to grade. The ones on the far side are for those ready to pass back.. Duh.. It only took me 35 years to come up with this... For goodness sakes, it's a great plan!
I have a "secret" stash of Martha Stewart glitter in my desk. I am a glitter hoarder. I have three sets of that glitter, and I still begrudge every bit I use... I just LOVE glitter....
Glitter in the black bag, Bible, scissors, tape, and pumpkin seeds... Add in that little Clementine, and I'm all set....
Kind of a catch-all drawer. I go through recipe cards like water... These will be gone in a month...
This corner of my room could use some pizazzz!
I thought I was out of pens. I found all these in my drawers... Life is good!
A lite lunch! haha.... Not exactly, but a fun one!
March is Author Month... We memorize and drill and play war games with famous authors. They make little posters for sass and show... (Heavy on the sass, please!)
Did you all know I am a dead ringer for Juliette Binoche? (on the inside!) hahaha... I can dream, ya know.
I had a day off today to take Mom for a checkup to two doctors. Things were good. Now one more day and then the weekend!!!! My son, his girlfriend, and our "almost" son/friend came for Spinner and supper tonight after we got home from the doctor. My son is so smitten... She's a cutie... Have a fun weekend.

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Becky K. said...

That is just too misplacing the book on organization. However, your progress is definitely impressive.

I try to be organized but it is obviously not my strength.

Becky K.