Friday, February 20, 2015

Slow Day...

Morning! Well, actually, Good Afternoon! By a little bit. This quick day is melting before my very eyes, as the saying goes... But not due to any of this early morning's sun. Oh, no. Although the sky was blue and sparkly, the temps rang chilly... And the forecast drear. Freezing rain turning to Sleet turning to Snow all through the night until tomorrow. I looked at Mama and announced it just had to be chili soup weather. She was all for it.
I wrote about our Sweet Chili practices here.

Enough rambling about my chili. It was a magnificent lunch, and we have enough In my huge Lodge Dutch oven for a long time to come.

I'm decorating for spring, doing laundry + plus trying to mop floors and clean bathrooms... Ugh. I really just want to take a nap beneath the aqua and cream quilt I snuggle under through the night. Not feeling the love today, I guess.

Are any of you fans of The Mentalist? I watched the series finale last night. I'm sad that it's over, but in my opinion that's one of the few shows the networks didn't ruin... Yay, CBS! The last season was the best... In my crazy heart Jane and Lisbon are living in that little lakeside cabin... Smiling and being happy.... I'll miss it. I might even watch the entire seven years again on Netflix.... So little that I watch. Any suggestions?


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

....and... she is pregnant!!!!

here, we have been addicted to "NCIS" for ages. love mark harmon and the whole ensemble. (love ensemble shows!!!)

regular "NCIS" does not have a lot of violence. I don't like gratuitous violence! brrrrr... the "issue" happens, first thing. then the team solves it.

now I am totally enthralled with "NCISNOLA"!!!!!!! yes! yes! yes! another ensemble of course. just could eat up, the character of "Christopher"!!! played by a really "Bama boy". like them all, of course. you have to like all the ensemble characters! ,-)

like the actors in "NCIS Los Angeles" but the story lines are tooooo violent for me.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

we watch "Person of Interest" and "Elementary". but both these shows can sometimes be toooo violent, for my taste. but I can always get lost in a book, if they are. ,-)

course, these are on at 10pm when my bod wants to be in bed anyway.. but if you haven't watched them, you would begin with past seasons, anyway. watch when you want.

now into the whole 6 Seasons of "Northern Exposure" and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some stuff you remember, some you don't. if you watched and remember, it has a definite magical, mystical bent. so different and so cool. ,-)

and now! to let someone else, suggest possible viewing!! -grin-

Miss Merry said...

I never got into the mentalist. I was a big fan of his previous show - The Guardian - and had a hard time picturing him as a new character. There must have been some goofy show opposite channel that my husband was into - like trucking or logging or panning for gold - that I ended up watching instead. One of these days maybe I can catch up with it in reruns. Stay warm ladies!!!!