Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weather Forecast....

Yesterday was a red sky, rosy cloud kind of day. .. until it wasn't. 

Had another ER run with Mama. They said she was okay to bring home. Her blood pressure was to the moon.... but it's  better today.  She just isn't making a straight line toward recovery, but she's headed in the right direction.

Late at night the rain turned to soft and lovely snow.  The sky turned white, and I was very glad to be in, to know my son was home. .. just to enjoy the winter majesty. And then this morning. ..white, perfect drifts, icy vanilla frosting on all the tree branches and trunks...  it has continued  throughout the day.

Had a little pre-game tailgate lunch for Mama, my son, and a friend.  The candle at the center is a long time keepsake. Years and years ago I gave it to my football -loving daddy,who taught me all about the Game and its glory. I'm the only one here who likes the game... a long-time Packer and Chiefs fan.  Not sure if I will watch it or not.  

Have a super Week.

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