Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Zig zag upward

We were told that stroke recovery was a zig zag upward line. Yesterday was such an improvement. Today might be. ....or it might go backward a step.

She managed to swallow some water from ice chips yesterday, to sit in a recliner for the second day in a row several hours, to communicate, call my son's name, and make a sentence about her little bootie socks ("I don't like yellow." With great effort) Not bad at all. Loved the bootie socks comment. She always said she liked yellow on other people but didn't like to wear it. Supposedly about 85 years ago she begged her mother for a yellow dress to be a sunshine in the school play. She told her all the girls would have yellow dresses. Actually times were so hard that mom was the only girl in a yellow dress. Evidently Gramma was ticked, and she made Mom wear that dress until she outgrew it. It must've been traumatic because her anathema of that wardrobe hue remains strong through all this.

Have a good day. Ours is cold and clear with a bright yellow sun.

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Becky K. said...

Glad for the good news on your Mom. You remain in my prayers.