Friday, September 21, 2012

Magical Concoctions for Autumn's Arrival

So, what kind of festivities do you plan to welcome Sister Autumn into our midst.  I am pleased to report so many of my friends who usually favor Summer have come over to the "dark" side and are ready for fall this year due to our sweltering heat, dry dead foliage...  just a general turnaround from this pattern is what we look for!

I have always been a Fall Girl.  This weekend seems the perfect time to make a favorite soup for Mom, me, and anyone else who cares to drop in...  It would also be perfect to create my grandmothers' favorite Chili Sauce.  I have no idea which grandmother made it first, but I have such fond memories of a kitchen steeped in rich, red tomato chili sauce, tinged with onion and red pepper...  and spices..  It is definitely my most favorite potion.  I made that sauce HERE if you have extra tomatoes...

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