Saturday, October 18, 2008

Witches...Lunches.... and shoes...

Crossroads Diner for Lunch.....

(Wish these were in my yard!)

There were more black cats, but also some tombstones, and I dearly hate to see those as decorations... I'm just odd... I don't like anything like that and have a hard time getting decorations without RIP stuff all over the yards. However, as many totes as I have of Halloween, I guess it isn't as hard as all that, huh? I'm getting ready for sorority at my house the 27th. I'm in the process of thinking of a theme... Better hurry. Mom and I did our banking (Like Ellie May Clampett and Granny) and then we went to Crossroads Diner, one of our favorite hangouts. We had Fifteen bean soup.... It was "delish," but we could count only about seven different kinds! haha... Home for the day. I'm taking a break from my shop today and relaxing with a cup of Gevalia coffee and White Chocolate/raspberry creamer... Um.... yeah... it's that good.

Oh, and Thank You, Land's End... I ordered a pair of shoes to rescue my feet from the winter's frostbite... My sandals (those of you who were pitifully appalled by my old shoes in a prior post recall these).... are still going, but oh, the soles are tres THIN..... and not so chic.... to say the least. These feel pretty good brand new, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few weeks from now when they are totally broken in... I am addicted to Land's End shoes and nightgowns.... Isn't that funny?

Have a super duper Saturday.... Hugs to all.

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