Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, no dog. My sweet daddy had a wonderful saying he used for times when something seemed within your grasp and then just as suddenly--- were gone. He used to laugh and say, "ZIP, I caught a bumblebee. ZIP, I let him go again." Yeah. That's the saying all right. Lucky was a beautiful yellow lab, one year old. She was in my car for just a few moments and in the house a few less. She was normal, lovely-dispositioned (I mean the dog here)... but pretty big and very very strong. Young... She pulled me (and I'm a big old gal) up and down the steps by her leash. She was snoopy and golden eyed, and she scared my mother into a fit of bawling like I never saw out of her. She (Mom) used to be fearless. Boy, she isn't now. I had to leave with the dog while Mom was still sad... and I mean sad... Anyway, I gave the girl a little cash for all her trouble and took Lucky back home. Can anybody say "goldfish" ? or Beanie Baby perhaps? haha.. So, CasablancaLily, I get no doggie shower.... but thanks anyway... Stay tuned for more weekend attempts to put the FUN back into dysFUNctional.... haha..


casablancalily said...

OHHH, POOOOHHHH, oh well, that just means theres something better just around the corner.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so sorry maybe you will find a smaller dog you and your Mother would like...Mary

Becky K. said...

Ohhh so sad. Well, at least you made the decision before hearts were tooooooo attached to do it.

I do hope the right smaller pooch comes into your lives.

Becky K.

Julie said...

Oh - I am so sorry that the dog did not work out. Maybe a puppy is too much for her. I have seen several times when a family can not take a family pet when they are transfered - and they have to rehome it..maybe a situation like that would yield a pet more suited to your Mother's needs.