Monday, March 23, 2020


Well, today marked day 30 I have been in... and Day 13 for the home. My son does go in for curbside pickup of  some groceries every 2 weeks. I was quite cozily stocked, but because the future seems so uncertain, I hate to use it all up completely now ---in case something major happens. Sure I am not hoarding, though... so bizarre and fearful these scared shoppers must be.

It is rather amusing to me that self-quarantined is my usual go-to mode of life. The difference is--- no company or drop-in visitors will slip in for a friendly cup of coffee. So I am trying to call and text more friends... if they feel like talking.

I have been contemplating my  real attitude toward home. I am a bit surprised to discover I actually clean and put away dishes and set the table, decorate for Easter... just for me. You know I would say for "us" because my son's here (which is everything to me), but... he honestly does not notice anything like that--- at all! I think I could decorate a Christmas tree and carve a jack-o-lantern in the kitchen, and he would just trundle by... in his usual good humor. I thought I might let it all go South until the all clear sounds... if it ever does. But I have aged since those years when I used to keep house so terribly. I mean if I cleaned up the sink or ran the sweeper when my son was a little boy, he'd say, "Who's coming, Mama?" I would fly mad and think... "I clean other times, too! Grrrrr!" (But ya know what? Someone WAS coming...  ha ha!)

My house is not spick and span like I dream of it... A certain amount of clutter and disorganization curls around me like little Pigpen in Charlie Brown cartoons...

I have made several journals this month... I guess while I putter in my Studio or crochet my mind is so peaceful... I told my son I spent about four hours in there in a brain-wave alpha mode. I came in and moved a load of laundry, stopping midway with a jolt! "Oh no! We've broken the World!" popped in my mind suddenly--- bringing with it such a grey weight and gloom.

Tomorrow... I hope to clean and organize my craft supplies a bit... that room is truly Pigpen paradise... I took in a little French toast Friday fare... almost lost it in the fray.

Take good care! This will all pass, and one fine day we will be stronger for it.

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Ginny Hartzler said...

But your table and home look so neat and lovely! Love the bunny centerpiece. The first thing I thought upon seeing it was...we can't have anyone over to see our Easter decorations! But we can post them for our blog friends to see! I am glad you are not there alone. Your journals are amazing, so lovely!