Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Little by Little..Hey. hey. hey..... It's Magic!

Autumn brings out collectibles by the acre!....  I am in over my head, but this apparently will not be the year I do not decorate. I cannot believe the stacks of glittering stuff! Days 1 and 2. If I ever get to sleep, I am shooting for the whole house to be done tomorrow. (It's good to have goals!)

Who's a copy cat?

I am queen. Get busy.

Outside my screen door. I think this Raven can be heard crying, "Nevermore."

I love this jungle life!!!!

Yes! Si! Oui!   More boxes!

And finally.... a smidgen of progress.....

Whimsy and Hugs!  More to follow...


Betty said...

You sound almost like me. I love those white pumpkins.

Luna Crone said...

The POOR Baby!!! She is afraid she will be lost, in the 'tidal surge' of decorations!!!! Perhaps she would feel better, with a bell on????

Just kidding. I don't care for bells on cats. How would the owner, like to go around, with tinkling in their ear, with every move, 24/7??????? I think all belled cats owners should have to spend a week, with a bell around their neck.

Just sayin'......

Mmmmmmmm... To repeat, "tidal surge" of decor. Could there possibly be one or two items there, which could be passed on, to a new loving home?????

-ducking, running, and hiding-