Friday, August 18, 2017

Go With the Flow

Kind of true. Kind of not...  I used to be a complete Autumn girl, but about fifteen years ago I decided not to settle for 25 percent, so I became a Seasonal Living person. I enjoy trying my best to get the most personal joys for myself and for my family from each season. 

 However, the pull of Autumn requires a relaxation on my part. I don't have to try to enjoy the sweet Queen of Seasons. It is intrinsic...  I still have some summer left to do, but... as my friends all start sending kids and grandkids back to school, it steadily approaches, and I am glad!

I keep doing the cleaning thing. I realize all of my dear readers clean all the time. I laugh that my friends and my son come by and see no change! It seems the only proof I have is the growing stack of boxes I have downstairs that contain tons of "weeded" items from each and every cupboard, closet, drawer, or nook. I was just told my house was "suffocating." Now, that's not the look I am going for! While my cat does look as if she disagrees, I know I am making progress. Other issues are more important, but ...  
"How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives." (Annie Dillard) 
So. Cleaning it is. 

After removing the paper/plastic shelf lace, boxing up a ton... the kitchen cupboard looks fresh and different to me.My sister/cousin brought me the great mug and New Orleans glass from a recent vacation. She has moved to town, and although it isn't really much farther away, it seems like it. 

Did you catch the misty fog lying over the lands this morning? That speaks of the end of season and the Back to School energy of  an early start to our days.

Since this photo, I have moved the clock from the spot it has perched for 60 years, I think... Can you imagine how often I look above that cabinet to catch the time, to measure the baking length... Habits...   But, oh, I love to shuffle...

Today is baking and cooking day... unless it isn't. Being my own boss is not an easy chore. I am often not a compliant employee...  So I just dock my pay.

Whimsy and Hugs!

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NanaDiana said...

It is nice when you can combine cleaning with "playing" by changing things around a bit. It looks like you are making progress to me. Love to you- xo Diana