Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cleaning Day

A day cleaning out a china cabinet becomes a walk through family history

Suddenly this violet, sun aged glass cannot be handled at face value. That is my grandmother's handwriting, so the glass clearly was held in the lap of my great-great-great grandmother. In a covered wagon. From Kentucky. 

No help from this girl... yet.

My great-gramma's sugar bowl.

Nobody loses marbles in this family. 

My mother claimed responsibility for the chips in this marble. She was trying to get to the candy inside.

Only I know it is clean. And two boxes didn't fit back in!

Still no help.

And a little too much help here at last.


Nana Diana said...

I have written things down for my girls, too, on the pieces I have passed along to them. It is a great bit of history to have, isn't it? Good job!!! xo Diana

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Gayla! What a beautiful day full of treasured memories for you! The history behind these precious pieces are just beyond awesome! And it's so cool that your sweet momma wrote these notes about each piece. Just so awesome.....

xoxo laurie