Monday, July 31, 2017

School of Days

In honor of all my present and former students, coworkers, and of course, Mama, who first instilled the love of teaching, I created a Back To School mantel today. I thoroughly enjoyed scouting through the house, trying to find things that looked like school to me. I chose sturdy treasures that wouldn't be so missed if a certain stealth cat knocked them off the mantel.  However, during the assembly stage, I dropped the school bird house into the stack of treasures. I broke a huge, mercury candle holder, the mate to the green one you see in the picture. Boy, did that make a shatter!

This dear, little, red kindergarten chair was one my mother found at an auction. And the primer was one of mine.  I know, who doesn't love Dick and Jane? While I think the schools in town had stopped using Dick and Jane, Puff, Spot, Tim and cute, little Sally by 1960...  I still used it because I went to a rural school (with super old books.) I just remember being enthralled with the ability to READ a story myself.

The lunch box started school in Excello in the year 1960 with a little first grader who stood waiting for the bus/schoolcar). I proudly carried a small bouquet of zinnias wrapped in a soggy paper towel inside scrunched tinfoil  for the teacher. I joined two others in my large class of three first graders and a whole room full of big kids.

Apples for the teacher, don't you know? The bow is made from an old measuring tape, and the wooden apples were a gift from my mom during a long-ago back to school preparation.

Paint brushes and sunflowers. I think the two should always be paired, don't you?

I am not sure where Mary went, but the lamb, white as snow, has followed her to school one day. school one day, school one day. My mother sang that song so many times during her last year.

Introducing Museum Putty (Quake Hold), which is going to help keep the items on the mantel from the mishaps of Miss Callie. In case you are wondering, she is staring in rapt, pre-planning, strategic Kitty mode at the new, quite amazing mantel. Midnight, me, and a dust pan and mop...  

Cats Rule!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Cindi Grim said...

Was Callie screaming at you while you were remaking "her" mantle?