Monday, June 26, 2017

Strength, Spirit, and Sense

Whimsy and Hugs!

My son and I took an amazing happy drive on Saturday. He freed up his day so we could celebrate my upcoming birthday and just enjoy each other's company and the beautiful, almost chilly weather. It might be Blackberry Winter, but I am not sure... We picked up some produce from the Amish and traveled some very familiar roads that reminded me of trips with Mom.

This is our birthday week. Everyone is doing so much to make it special, and I truly appreciate that. Born on my mother's 30th birthday, I have never celebrated one without her (unless you count a really rather distant one I spent living a summer in Chula Vista... where I recall being under the weather, eating tuna helper, and making several phone calls at the steamy corner  phone booth I had to use to call long distance.) However, things are what they are. Certainly 62 birthdays together are a major blessing. I know this year will be sweet.

My son fell in love with this tree. I am rather amazed at the stark contrast of strength conveyed by a dead organism...

Fab flowers from my dear cousin and her family in California. I am loving the berries and buds and bells in this beauty. 

As always equal mountains of cleaning, laundry, and spiffing await my morning. 

However, the week looks promising. My sister/cousin has treated me to a precious stack of "gift a days" for the week...  I snuck in at midnight and opened today's! What a great plan!!!

Thank you to all my readers and friends who have been so kind through the years. Life is all about strength and spirit... and the sense to make the changes when they arrive... with grace. 


Miss Merry said...

Wishing you a very happy Birthday and know that the spirit of your mother is there celebrating her twin birthday with you. So glad your family and friends are blessing you, too.

I am having a pretty good start to the week. I tackled the eleven banker boxes that have been sitting on my back porch for a year or two or three. The first one doesn't count; it turned out to be office supplies from my dads desk: spiral notebooks, yellow legal pads, envelopes, etc. I just added it to my office stash and one box was gone. From the remaining 10, I threw about 1 box worth away, 1/2 box to Goodwill and the rest I put in clear plastic totes. I inventoried (in my mind) categories that need sorted from there, sewing, crafts, paperwork, kitchen etc and just need to start re-sorting again. My hope is that eventually I can part with more and more and finally begin to manage.

Heaven's Walk said...

What a nice little getaway for you both, Gayla! Yes, that tree makes for an amazing capture, doesn't it? Just like something out of National Geographic mag! ;) I'm wishing you a blessed and the most happiest of birthdays, sweet friend. Enjoy, reflect, meditate on your blessings, and continue to be a blessing to others. You do that so very well.

Hugs to you!

xoxo laurie

From My Country Sunrise said...

I had fun with your birthday week treasures~~THought it would add a little sunshine to a day that has so many memories with your Mama♥