Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Laws of Housekeeping and Self Discipline

Law #1: It is impossible to live up to anyone's image. Often it is difficult to live up my own image I have polished for a few years, or a lifetime... although mine is pretty scratched up. However, let's stop apologizing for being ourselves and living the way we do. Be it clutter or unkempt-ness, or our choices in diet...  If we have friends or acquaintances who love us, we are indeed blessed and need to stop insulting them with our apologies for being ourselves!

Law #2:  Indeed. Our friends, visitors, and especially our dear families need to hear through our words and our attention and our actions that they are very wonderful. They can't assume we feel love and gratitude and respect for them. We need to tell them. Remind them often how much we appreciate them for themselves, their core being...

Law 3: This month has not been filled with exciting and good things ONLY. Yes, I've had a lot of great things happen this month, but quite a few negative, even uber expensive events have transpired, making this a truly iffy month. Oh, I'll be okay to say Hello, May...  and even Hello, April 26th...  Each day is worth hoping for the best. 

Law #4:  I would say nearly everything I'm doing is new ground for me because I always always had my mother to listen to my plans and give me the yes or no on her opinion of each endeavor. I didn't always listen or obey her..  (Wait. Yes, I did for the most part... haha...  I was a big Mama's girl my whole, entire life.) So anything I'm planning now seems especially big-worldy.  However, I need to accomplish some of these dreams and goals. My dad always said the only way to avoid criticism is to not do very much...  I was never a fan of that kind of living... Hence, the criticism, eh?

Law #5: This will be a new one for me. I am going to try to develop a nighttime routine and to become a person with a difference between my days and nights. I spend a lot of my nights in the activities that people reserve for daylight life.  I think that's okay if a person wants to do a night job, etc.  However, for my current phase, it can catch me apologizing and breaking rule number one by not being ready to face today or today's guest or challenges because I'm totally tired at noon....  or nine a.m.

Law # 6: Lucky me to have such good friends and wonderful family who do this. Everyone sheds a lovely light upon my life. It is essential to reach out to those who do that for you and to let them "in" on what's happening, for good or bad. Often light needs to be shed on something negative or self-harmful we are doing. At times we don't appreciate that kind of illumination to our days..  But... It's needed.

Law #7: Speak only hope and positivity every time you can...  And actually, gulp! we always can. I remember my "hoping for the best" mantra through my mother's ordeal after her major stroke. It is one of the truths of life for what is spoken to become more so...  for good or evil.  I do not belong to the name it, claim it philosophy, or even the Secret...  but words have the power or death or life and have the power to steer great ships just as a rudder in the ocean. Keep moving forward and hoping for the best.

Law #8: In college Semantics we were taught the "allness" theory. People simply assume all of the rest of the world sees things the way they do...  or they should. While a good deal of life has both light and dark paths, it is not true that each of us is supposed to see the same path at the same time.  Then it would be too crowded and definitely no way to enhance or change directions in the midst of that stampede.

Law 9:  Yep. And don't be intimidated by what that means. It is definitely different for each person, and that's okay. I personally love to watch paper crafting videos on YouTube. My son often relaxes with a  video game. Some people do needlepoint.  I sometimes crochet. I used to grade papers to keep me company and relax...  Our task is to find the exercise that bring us relaxation and joy...  and do it sometimes...

Law 10: I have spent a lot of my life doing something that seemed to be in the way of my actually LIVING my own life.  When this is through, I'll start....  x,  or X, or XXX.  Nah...  either enjoy the journey and the tasks at hand or skip them.  Really. Cut straight to X or start believing the truth that these years, days, hours right now are indeed.... life, not prep for life...  life itself.

Law 11:  Just as there is a time for the end of day activities and the unwinding that signals today is over and rest for tomorrow has begun, there is a time for tomorrow to begin. Select some very positive actions, such as prayer, journaling, breakfast, self care, reading...  anything that you see as a mental clunk to the head that says, "Hello Today. You are going to be really good. Thanks for coming..."


Thanks for humoring me in my self lecture tonight. I need all these laws more than anyone I know. There are more where these came from, but I think 11 is plenty for now.  All illustrations are from Heather Stillufsens's online collection that is posted on Facebook and on Pinterest.  I believe them to be open for posting. If not, please let me know...  The rules are the rules.  Hugs and prayers and positive vibes are headed to each of you.

Whimsy and Hugs!

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NanaDiana said...

Those are great and even if you posted them for yourself they are perfect for ALL of us. I love the illustrations, too.
God bless you - have a wonderful rest of the week- xo Diana