Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is that a light?

You know that old cliche about hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train? Well, tonight I should be picking up my car after it has spent three weeks in the car spa. Outside I have asked my son to liberally sprinkle crystals that promise to deter wild kingdom creatures. I plan to part on top of that spot! The tally was very close to $2800, and I have a $500 deductible. Ouch! If  groundhog sees its shadow, let's hope it is not in the shape of a Ford Fusion!

I have blogged about the progress I am making on cleaning. We are doing our two homes at the same time, and I really recommend this method! It is actually like shopping with a credit card that is already paid! Whether I eBay, Etsy, auction or open a shop, I will enjoy going through the boxes I am packing and storing in the room downstairs! I am having fun trying to remember the stories that want to wander Memory Lane with me!

The grass has really come into its glory, along with a white lilac and our lovely red bud. My cheerful exterminator insisted on "sharing" he had caught two snakes and a lizard in the basement. No,  not the big blacksnake he quests after each visit....   Dubious good news, and I am hopeful the same process will keep the big one "sticking around" the basement and not up topside.

My dear friend convinced me to try Audible. It is a great place to find books read to enhance our lives. People use it for handicap assistance and for commuting companionship. I love it for working around the house. I am listening now to Chip and Joanna Gaines read Magnolia Story. I enjoy the books the authors read. It is funny that if I listen to a book while I fold laundry, the next time I fold laundry I think about that book...

Have a wonderful day.

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