Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In like a Lion... again!

I think if I look back through the posts I've made, I have written "In like a lion" about as many times as anything else...  March blustered in here in the Midwest last night with storms and rain and wind. So here it roars, March's advent was not silent and sneaky. He is here at last. I finally packed away all the winter and reds and Valentines yesterday.

I actually had a truly busy and productive day yesterday as I managed to finish the literally hundreds of thank you notes to everyone who was oh, so kind after Mom passed away. I cleaned the kitchen, set up more billing, and made my Paleo meat loaf for my son.

I didn't get to attend a meatball-making party. I stayed home because I wanted to be here in case my son needed me. (He's been working from home due to a pretty severe upper respiratory infection.) Actually, my services weren't required! haha...

The wedding planners moved on without me, however. We are getting ready for my dear friend's beautiful daughter to have a big, beautiful Italian wedding. We made tortelacci the other day, and that was truly fun. These little pasta packets, filled with cream cheese and spinach, are then boiled and smothered with a butter Parmesan sauce.  Oh, yes, they are! 

My job was to take a little square and wrap it around the ball of spinach and cream cheese, seal the edges, and then give it a magical twist...  I felt quite proficient by the end of the first 500. There were other days of that activity, too, so the total right now is Tortellaci 1664 vs. Meatball 564..... (They don't go in the same dish, by the way!)

This morning I happened to look out my front window, which I love, and I noticed quite the queue of Wild Turkeys. I counted 24, but several were already behind the trees.  They slowly made the way, single file through the yard, across the gravel road, and through a hayfield,  a field of ryegrass, and out of sight..  Traveling through, I guess. Looked as if they had enjoyed a breakfast in the remains of my neighbor's cornfield. Modern combines don't leave as much as in days gone by, but there is still enough to make my crows and these Wild Turkeys quite happy.

When I was little, Daddy used to "let" us walk the perimeters and then the rows with a wagon ready to sling in corn cobs and pieces of half harvested grains. He had one of those wicked little shredders that fit on a glove, but I had to rip into the ears with my bare hands. Just call me Homestead Kid!

Had a little celebration for my sister/cousin's birthday last weekend. She is a jewel!

Well, though I'm sure you guys are totally spellbound by now, I'll have to get busy if I'm to accomplish anything at all today. I am doing okay, as everyone asks. Nothing prepares a person for the sadness, the finality, and the foreign ground we walk after we lose that last parent.

Life goes on, but it's just a wall of tears held back by the realization they are multiplied by countless friends who have already walked through this same door...  Thank you for your kindest comments, prayers, and thoughtfulness. 

I saw a pair of cardinals in the front Maple tree last week, and that made me think of the practice of seeing cardinals as a visit from Heaven. If so, it was delightful to see the pair there in their very own tree in the front yard with the sunlight absolutely glistening on their scarlet feathers. 

Have a wonderful March. Spring is in the wings!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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racheld said...

You are quite the busy BEE!! And OH, those tortellini---I've never mastered the wash, pinch and twist, but used to have fabulous times with our three-generation neighbors---my friend, her MIL and her daughhter used to invite me over to help with the ravioli. I was surprised to see that they store it "en brodo" and not in the sauce I was accustomed to.

What a lovely time that wedding will be---food in the thousands presages quite a feast, and the music and dancing will be legendary.

And here I get teased for saying "my crows," when I'm not so strange, after all. Kindred spirits. And we have what must be several generations of cardinals, as well, right outside the sitting-room window upstairs. You can just sit and chat and then look up to see the bright little eyes gazing in at YOU, with no fear, no stirring from the nest.

It's wonderful to hear the energy and outlook in your voice. Stay warm---I almost blew over at the gas pump just now (and if you knew what an engineering feat and lapse of Natural Laws that would be . . .) and then the huge re-cycle can skipped out ahead of me for several yards, just skidding along on its bottom like a barge.