Monday, February 20, 2017

Mommy's lost the dining room... again!

That was the little cry my son at five years old told to my parents after a big change of furniture at my house. I switched functions of rooms, and it totally blew his mind. I didn't do that here, but last Saturday I decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room. I'm loving the space and air it gives to the room. In these pictures, the room looks super long! In real life, it isn't that pronounced.


My dear son gave me balloons, a great card, and candy for Valentine's Day. We had rib eyes steaks and enjoyed the evening quite a lot!

Today I have ripped out a few corners full of clutter and am in the process of paring down so very much STUFF....  It feels good to do that about 7 A.M....  Along about now, noon.... I would just love it if I had left well enough alone. But duty calls..  I have to get a ton of stuff off my kitchen floor. No way would it all fit on the countertops again! No way should it!  See you tomorrow.

Whimsy and Hugs!


Terri Steffes said...

Keep plugging away! I just need to find a way to get RID of stuff. And, Ihave severely curbed my shopping but wow, there are so many pretties out there!

racheld said...

It's lovely to see you so full of enthusiastic energy. The weather here just calls for a a change, a turning, a throw-out and a clean-up of all the (past several, i'm chagrined to say) Winters' pileup and leavings.

Slowly, slowly, or in a great burst of inspiration---any way you feel in these semi-Spring days of 60s and sun.

I hope you're well and warm and enjoying the small tasks, the great chores and the different feel of simply moving a chair, taking down a curtain, polishing a prism. I have several little happy pretties I'm dangling as my carrot in this great upheaval of the downstairs---a new set of PINK kitchen utensils to stand in the big clear holder on the counter, like blossoms in a vase, a tiny hutch filled with wee dishes to add to the sweet dollhouse vignette in the pass-through, and a magnificent flutter of pink Swarovski butterflies for beneath the bright beam in the old pine cabinet. Those I'm saving as my reward when all the MUSTS are done.

And even without a one of those, with just the cleared counter, the swath of uncluttered floor, the light coming through the fresh rosebud-patterned curtains---it's a thing to look forward to and work toward. I pray you rewarding tasks, sunny days, happy memories and sweet dreams.

Best to you from way over here, dear friend,