Saturday, November 5, 2016

Soup Weather

Today, a lightly cloudy kind of hazy Saturday seemed my opportunity to seize the moment and make some warm soups for Mama, my son, and anyone else hungry and available. My son is really hitting the exercise trail and Paleo diet hard, so my first soup was Italian Roasted Chicken Vegetable.

It was a success, reminding me of that earlier soup I used to fancy with even more vegetables and delicioius bits of cabbage. He walked over from his home and was hot and tired, but a little bowl of goodness seemed to perk him up. My second soup was Cream of Chicken with Tortellini, and it was also rather yummy. I bought the tortellini from Schwann. Some day I hope to actually make a batch of the real tortellini with my Italian friends. A June wedding is in the cards for one of my best friend's daughter. That will necessitate tortellini...

I can safely say I've had a lot of pumpkin spice creamer. I am not exactly tired of it, but I am ready to branch out because it is the only kind of creamer I've had for about three months. I usually drink my coffee black, but sometimes a little treat is in order. The real use for coffee creamer these days is to perk up my mother's oatmeal breakfast...  "Mmm! Good?!" She always murmurs as she slurps it up every morning.

No spiced trees, I think. I had been holding out, but notice the silhouettes of the beauties in the front yard and see a pile of toasted brown chiffoning across our green grass.... I'm okay with it, of course. I don't ever rake leaves, so our yard is all snuggled in under these leaves the entire frosty winter. I think that's the lazy mentality trying to rationalize perhaps? But the grass doesn't seem to mind. One mowing in early spring, and the leaves are mulched and splayed across the yard...  Another week, and the grass looks like Easter Sunday.

I am in luck this year as many days have had this hazy quality. We have already put up the tree I bought Mom, but it is only lit, so I won't show it until I do something. I bought it early, and it arrived on Halloween. Immediately Mom began to yell that she wanted to see HER tree. I put her off a couple days, but I decided with the fragility of our days, never knowing if a trip to the ER is a thing or what...  I would just put that tree up for her.  I might just tinge it with a few Autumnal treasures first...  or as my son gallantly put it when I told him my idea: "Oh, Mom..  just go ahead and throw the Christmas Crap on it."  I guess my eyes betrayed my shock because in a couple of silent moments he said gruffly:  "I didn't mean actually crap. I just used that word interchangeably with stuff...  you know?"  I do know, Son. I know how you are about holiday decorating because I'm the one who burned YOU OUT!!!  hahaha..

This is the way to my door. Come in and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot soup...  You are more than welcome!

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

Your soup sounds delicious! I have made a recent soup discovery. I have been stuck home for two weeks now with a horrible cold and after the first few days, my daughter arrived with a care package. She had stopped at Olive Garden and it turns out you can buy their soups in 1/2 gallon or gallon buckets! I lived on their delicious chicken gnocchi for the next several days as that was all I could swallow with my sore throat. Nothing beats the taste of homemade soup though! May I suggest the peppermint mocha creamer when you are finished with pumpkin spice? I dont usually use creamer, but those fall and winter flavors are so special! Glad mom is still hanging on at home. Hope you have uneventful holidays.

NanaDiana said...

Wish I COULD join you, Gayla. That soup sounds wonderful and I am glad your mom likes the creamer on her oatmeal. I am sure her joys are few and fleeting so it is nice to have her enjoy something for the moment.
Good for your son for sticking to his diet.
Hope you have a great week. xo Diana