Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It is what it is

Whimsy and Hugs!

I was hoping our sugar maple would not disappoint..  OH, honey. She did not. I love the branches of this tree so much. I remember my mother's excitement as Daddy planted it as a tiny, tiny little sapling she had brought home in a pork and bean can from her uncle's sugar maple grove in Indiana. It seems I caught her in her glory here today in the direct beams of the sunshine...  Gorgeous! It is my window to the world every morning as I get the mail. Sometimes I measure the wind, the rain, the ice, the frost...  or the heat by her little leaves so in my face and revealing of nature's moods and mysteries. She is about four years younger than I am...  so still a young sprout? haha..  you bet. And the maple syrup from this tree will feed my family for decades...  haha..  Not!

It's safe to say that I am not showing off any part of my home today...  I started to snap a few pictures, and in order not to capture just a lot of clutter and kind of mess, I would have had to really narrow down my focus to a few feet of goodness. I have no business writing a blog when I have so much to do and several parties in the wings before Thanksgiving....  But yet, here I am. I miss writing, just sitting down and chatting with my friends across the way. I decided to just visit as I most often have to do when dear friends come by. What do you see when you look through the open door below? My Mom is in her hospital bed, right by the front door. I know. That in itself seems odd. We debated many times putting her back into her bedroom where she loved to sleep. However, it is indeed BACK..  The far door goes around a crooked little hallway and then her bedroom is back there. I see the arched eyebrows of a good deal of people when they ask if she is still in the front room, right BY the door? Yes. She is. It is central to the home. I can hear her cough, choke, laugh, cry out, curse, or sing her perpetual little songs, no matter what I'm doing... I can hear her mutter, "Oh, my elbow hurts,"so I can slip a foam rubber pad under it so we don't get any pressure sores....  If I sleep, I can jolt my eyes awake and immediately hear her breathing. So it is. Would I like it if I were looking in? You know? I have no idea at this point. I'm not defending or giving a rebuttal. It is what it is....

What we see in the next couple of photos is the result of trying to make a dining room into a bedroom. I am in love with the view from this west window. I can see the moonset, the driveway, the sunsets, and the trees. I love to watch those gaily lit semi trailer trucks at night. I feel so aware and in control in this room plus the window vantage. I'm only about thirty feet from my Mom, although she cries through some nights because I am SOOOOO far away...  There is no headboard or footboard, I hope to remedy that by Christmas. I'm in search of the iron headboard from my childhood...  If it's not in a pile of rust.  I have an old stereo with all kinds of JUNK.  That is my new war cry... JUNK, Clutter...  and yet, I've mentioned it a few times, eh?

I have a wintry, Christmas comforter for this bed, and I am hoping to locate it before the New Year hits...  But, you know? The past few days have been filled with UTI tests, and the obvious rantings of some little Mama with one. She has been "on a toot." She believed I raised sheep, believed there was such a word as insanealism, which she was sure I had..  She promised to slap me to death and lay me out on the ironing board.  She has been singing "Come around the Mountain," "Zip a Dee Doo Dah," and "Dixie." not to mention a few others she just makes up to suit herself. My son calls it making her own sunshine, and I call it kinda dear...  But it is odd when company comes.

I am planning for Christmas with all my heart, hoping as my son said, we get to spend another Christmas with Granny... What an odd life I am living...  as if every day could be the last and as if some of this will never give me a break. I think that can be said for anyone with any kind of introspection...  I just have more "noise" at times to accentuate the trials. The Bug Man reported a six foot plus black snake that stood its ground, turned around to intimidate him, was stabbed repeatedly by a fence rod...  but got away...  in my basement. Oh, that makes me want to move. I suppose I would definitely take my Mom and my planners, and my computer.... I had to buy a new one this week, and after that the old one began to purr and work and just be wonderful again...  Go and figure, will ya?

I am searching through this new gift, the First Christian Church Cookbook, for something delicious to make for lunch tomorrow..  I am working my way through the indoor freezers, the pantry and all my things, pitching anything remotely near or past its due date. It's time for some ORDER.  Order... order in the court....  of which Mom is still Queen, and I am still the joker..

Love you all..  Now when you look at your home, you will feel so good about yourself!  Right? I would...

Signing off in Clutterville, US of A. Insanealism...  Insanealism...  yeah..  I have it.


sunflower said...

You have so many lovely things.

But the snake in the basement.
(you'll just have to move) -smiles-


NanaDiana said...

LOL- I know!!! My mom had dementia and lived with me for four years when my kids were little. If you don't laugh at it you will cry so you might as well laugh. I like that you suffer from Insanealism. I think you should definitely coin that phrase!

One day you will have time to make peace and order in your life--don't worry about it today. Be like Scarlett O'Hara! xo Diana

Miss Merry said...

Think of you often. I slept on a cot in my dads room. He would take off his sleep machine at night and start gasping for breath. I wanted to be near.

Heaven's Walk said...

I think that having your mom's bed right in the midst of daily life in the living room is a great idea, Gayla! Not only for safety reasons, but so that she doesn't feel like she's tucked in the back of the house all by herself. You are such a blessing to her, and I admire your strength, determination, devotion, and love. Bless you for your faithfulness! I pray that you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving full of peace and joy!

xoxo laurie

racheld said...

Good Morning from way over here in IndianANNA! It's Fall for sure, with sunny days through the just-won't-let-go leaves around the bacck door, though many millions of their mates have made their way underfoot all over the doorsteps and down the stairs.

I've loved the glimpses of your blues, and the bright red of your Christmas anticipations---it's a marvel of the world how colours influence and set a tone for whatever the moment. Of course, mine is prevailing PINK, but I enjoy that with any occasion.

rachel, whose own propensity to the insaneistic is legendary and lauded.

CIELO said...

Dear darling, you're such a good daughter, and I know you are like that too with all those you come in contact with in your life... caring, loving, devoted, tolerant. Maybe you don't know it, but you inspire others to act in love and self sacrifice. I read you in silence, and I understand. From the bottom of my heart. You'll be rewarded one day. Wish we could be closer.

Love you