Monday, September 26, 2016

The Busy Day

This is it...  Today I woke up and felt the cool, yes, this is Autumn weather, and I just about jumped over the house.  haha..  That would be a big trick requiring more than a temperature change, I think.
But it is beautiful today. Nobody is coming today, I tell Mom. She lies there thinking about who might be coming to break her "Monotony."  (AKA me...  haha..)

Then. Boom! Our nurse called and switched her bath day to today from tomorrow. And then the Bug Man called to do a quarterly spray, a luxury that I know I could do myself, but...  I hate spiders and mice so bad that I am willing to pay this guy four times a year to come fix our troubles... Friday I saw a big spider on the window, and I asked the little nurse if she'd kill it, knowing full well she is terrified of spiders like I am. She first said no, and I said I'd get it, but it was in a terrible spot for someone not that mobile, so she took off her shoe and got to work. She mumbled that I could know she loved me since she was doing that, and then she shouted, "I got it!" I didn't realize it but I had rolled my chair into the kitchen away from the scene of the crime completely. "You didn't even have my back," she said reproachfully. To my shame, I did not. I do hate spiders.

Then also a painter is coming to give me an estimate to fix some crumbling plasterboard and repaint the living room. I'm really torn on a color. This green color is okay and has been this room's color probably 60 years. But I'm always up for change. I don't think the walls have been painted since my first marriage in 1975...  They're due.

So I poured myself a cup of coffee and am trying to get things ready for all the stuff going on...  It isn't a trip to the Florida Keys, and it isn't a cruise, and it isn't even a big outing into the beautiful wild Autumn air...  but it is something...  SOMETHING...  and that is what Mom craves.

Have a fun day...

Whimsy and Hugs!

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racheld said...

Oh, Gayla! Just to be in that welcoming kitchen, with the greens and that lovely poppy-themed table, and to have the evening close down into the soft dim of the sitting room with its twinkle of indoor stars---what a blessing that must be.

And if I could tell you something, please, on our short acquaintance and hopeful friendship---I'd write you an e-mail every single day if it would not seem like some weird old lady trolling the internet. I see the word Lonely in your diary, and it makes my heart clutch a little in that I'm so talky and so wordy, and scatter words across the internet like salt, and don't know to channel it where someone might need a kind word (or to say a bad few to ME, if that would help them get through a hard moment).

It gets to be our way to just comment or correspond when there's a new post, and who knows what hindrance or hardship is passed between hard-won moments TO put something down as a post.

I think of you often, and of your dear Mama, and your sweet dedication to her care, and you're certainly on my list of heroes in this life. Both my parents and both sets of in-laws lived to a great age, and two needed a lot of physical care at the end, but we are so thankful that they were totally WITH us, in mind and spirit, until their last day. it has to be the hardest task to pass your days when someone you love is wandering farther and farther away.

I'd love to know what you like to do, music or games or reading taste or sewing or crafts or carpentry or art. I could even send your Mama a little "happy" from time to time. We're totally anonymous now, and I won't presume to intrude on yours, but all you have to do is use the e-mail in my sidebar, if only for the word, "Hello" or "Help" or even HELL and Dammit if that's the case at the moment. And I'll look in more often. I give good comfy Grandma hugs, if only from afar.