Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Autumn!

Where have I been all month? Well, actually I haven't stepped foot out of the house since Mom came home about sixty days ago. I know. I promised myself and everyone else I would do better, but I am just having trouble finding anyone who wants to do ANYTHING like this...  and anything else I am in the market for.

I have been looking for a person to redo the floors and put in a new snap-wood look floor system in three rooms and a porch. I have a man who swears he'd love to paint the living room. And I have pest controllers and furnace men coming to repair, spray, and hook up a new heater. Is it  time I just gave up on all these guys and started over? Not to mention the many who take my number to call me back about helping with some care giving for Mama.

We are about the same. She is busily planning a big Halloween bash. I would say that her gift from the lord is hospitality because she is always happiest when someone is coming during the day and there is a reason to plan a party.  I told her she could be a queen with a crown and her velvet blankets and we'd make her hospital bed look like a throne. She just beamed and added she wanted a scepter. Oh, my...

I have been journaling and scripting out life and plans in some traveler's notebooks. It's a new method to me, and I'm really enjoying it so much. Now if I just had a life to plan out...

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the cooler days. We had some wonderful fall weather, but today is hot, hot. I spent the morning digging out my bedroom/old dining room...  It's looking a bit better.  I need a good, hot fire, I think...  and just stop thinking what I could do with this and that....  and this...  and that.

Happy Fall! Today's the day an egg is supposed to balance on the wrong end.  Enjoy...  (but have a towel ready because it often doesn't work.)'

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Miss Merry said...

Love your journals. So sorry to hear you are not leaving the house. Everyone needs a break now and then, especially you! I know what you mean about chasing those men. We have been trying to get bids on a new furnace for 2 years. They all are going to stop by for an estimate. But they never do. Well, one stopped by and never sent the estimate . . . We have been blessed with lite winters the last 2 years, but we installed this baby in January 1979 when we purchased the house and our clock is ticking!!!