Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hazy August Sun...

As much as I want to leap into Autumn, I am enjoying Summer's glory. Hot and humid Missouri has been a doozy. Mornings see steam caught between the window and the screen... I am loving the summer salads and Mom wants a huge garden next year... (!) and a dog!!!! I am going to have to pray about those.

Hope you are all having a good week.

While I would love to take credit for these pretty cookies, I bought them from QVC. So delicious, too....  

Happy Wednesday!


Miss Merry said...

It has been horribly humid in Ohio this summer, too. I will pray that your mom will settle for a Farmer's Market instead of a garden LOL!! However we do not have our Farmer's Market in our town this summer. Too much heat, not enough rain, no one has extras to sell. Take care of yourself!!!

racheld said...

What a festive, beautiful Summer-Table! So welcoming and bright, and what better hot-night supper than chips and salsa and pretty cookies?? Maybe a glass of tea in those graceful red goblets, and does that watermelon bowl hold the promise of perhaps a cold cucumber soup?

None of that requires a stove, and just sitting at that happy table would be refreshment, just by itself.

Now see, you've just inspired great loads of ideas for these muggy days---we've had low-hanging cloud cover for DAYS, trapping the heat, and vast yellow and red weather warnings the other night, with a few tornado touchdowns, but no damages that I heard of.

Lots of time this Winter to open those seed catalogs, and plan that garden. And pray about the dog.

You and your Mama stay well and cool,


Heaven's Walk said...

It's been a blinger here in MI too, Gayla. So many days 90 and over....and always humid. But....I won't complain. Winter comes too early for my liking, so I'll just pull my hair up and sweat it out for now. lol But the grass is so green (after our 4" of rain the other day), and I've been spending every day enjoying our porch. :)

I think it's so sweet that your momma wants a big garden AND a dog next year. lol I know that you'll be contemplating the pros and cons of those decisions. lol

Until then....soak up this glorious summer weather and enjoy!

Hugs to you, Sunshine!

xoxo laurie