Saturday, July 9, 2016

The 3 A.M. to Wakesville

Sometimes I have heard of a witching hour, but around here we have a "magical?" time of morning known to civilized man as 3 a.m.  To Mom? Wake up time. I personally would more closely associate it with go to bed time... Therein lies the top issue between my mama and me. I told her I didn't care what time she woke up if I could sleep. I said I would be more than happy to put on TV for her. She graciously? told me I didn't need to wake up at all because all she wanted was for me to turn on all the lights (which we already keep on for terrible bedtime terrors), make some breakfast, wash her face, and sit beside her bed where she can touch me, and visit with her...  Now in my country we call all that waking up... Oh, Mama...

I have been puttering with some new strawberry gifts from friends and new mercury glass purchases that light up in the late afternoon and hibernate eight hours later... . Strawberry delights, I guess.

What cookie would you like to see in that big, juicy strawberry cookie jar? I think I might go for a lovely oatmeal raisin right now... Even some of those amazingly high calorie Little Debbie" dealios" would do the trick... the ones with that soft white icing sandwiched in. Have you ever noted the calories on that thing? Oh, dear! Hey Debbie, you cannot be "Little"!

April Cornell linens are also a gift for my birthday... I have used the gorgeous napkins as a diamond point scarf for my cupboard.

Tomorrow morning... later on today actually I will be baking some sweet coffee cake and putting on some new Italian coffee from a dear friend's trip to The Hill, an Italian market district in St. Louis. I think I might need to crank up the AC, but please do not tell Mama it is on...  We often "wonder how the house stays so cool" when it is summer...

I might even find some lunch if you are up for it...

Cannot decide if I live in Neverland, Wonderland, or Wakesville, but all I know is you can usually grab the three o'clock to the second star on your right and go straight on toward morning..  All Aboard?

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

All you need on top of all this is a newborn! I hear that my new granddaughter thinks 3 am is party time, too. Your strawberry collection is beautiful and so perfect for these hazy July days. I have been trying to eat more salads, to which I add lots of strawberries! It is such a summer flavor.

racheld said...

I'm returning to soak up all the goodness from posts-past, for I and my computer have both been "away" for a bit---us for a fabulous trip to visit some of the GRANDS, and on our return, a computer which had faded almost past recovery. But recover it did, with all the tending of Dr. Chris, who coaxed and cajoled and threatened to go get a bigger hammer.

The strawberry experience is simply charming---all that bright happiness spread out so welcoming and bright. We just had our dear neighbor's tenth annual Strawberry Breakfast last month---her NINETIETH, and she's absolutely a go-go-go girl. My one video of her birthday party at her daughter's house is of her and the grands and greats, out tossing RAW EGGS in an egg-toss on the lawn. We simply love her, and she's one of the reasons we chose this house---all those little across-the-fence chats as we came back and back to ponder and choose what we felt would be our last home.

And you've got my Baby Bose! That bright little fellow has graced my kitchen counter for years now, right by the shining red new Keurig in my pink kitchen. I don't know if I'd accomplish much without all the CDs of Reacher and Longmire and the Misses Dashwood to take me away while I work.

Just wanted to say Thank You for the lovely visit, and the brightening of this still-no-A/C day at our house. Electrician due this p.m. and I'm SO glad. I know how it feels to "sneak" the A/C, as well, for I've been in that position with someone sitting and fretting whilst I was moving about doing hot work. It's a bit of a sweet secret, wee and harmless, I think, when we gently missuade our Lovies to in such a small, inconsequential way.

And you know, your own well-being and comfort expands her own comfort and happiness ratio in your interactions. They've seen to keeping us happy and well, with our beds smooth and our diapers arranged just so, and when it comes our turn in the great turnings of life, there's a gentle bending of the ways---a subtle GIVE in the rules of our roles, that permit such tiny
curves in the once-rulered path and permits us a mild stray from the absolute. It's the one which permitted me, some several times, to pretend in astonishment that I'd spilled the bath water onto my dignified, proud father's own Depends, in order to change him into clean ones.

Small and subtle subterfuges, and I think they grant us an upgrade, somehow, in our tickets past the star.

Thinking of you every day, unknown, but understood, from way over here.