Thursday, June 30, 2016

The best birthday EVER!!!

It took 92 years to get it right? I was so happy last night to hear my mother tell everyone that she had the best birthday ever. I'm sure it was mainly because of the contrast to her daily doldrums. But it has been such a sweet week with a few more to come visit later on. The idea to have one on one was a good one, and we have had company every day, just a few. Lots of sweet goodies, and she loves those.

a friend, my son, our dear friend who brought all the goodies, and Mama

On Tuesday my son worked through the day and on through the night so that he could take off the whole day for our birthdays. I was pretty sure he'd be exhausted, and I think he was, but he was definitely the hero of the day. He came in with his gift to granny... he'd shaved off his beard which she had never liked. She thought that was so funny, and I couldn't get enough looks at his "baby" face again. He looks so much younger.

in the lavendar is my sister/cousin with her two daughters and granddaughter. 
We were having a big laugh! 

We had lovely company, family, friends. Breakfast time with my sister/cousin and her kiddos and the rest of the day with friends. Delicious food prepared by our wonderful caterer friend who would not take a penny for it.  We had pretty banana cupcakes, cherry crisp from her tree in the yard, and delectable little potato chip cookies which were a flaky, salty/sweet concoction to die for. I made a strawberry lemonade cake, a red velvet cake, chips/crackers, dips, and snacks.... and more and more brownies. 

joy ride

The highlight for Mama was my son eased her into her wheelchair and took her on a big ride through the house. She exclaimed about her dolls and her bedroom, which she last saw December 27th. She sat at the kitchen table with all of us and had a little bite to eat, but oh I will never ever forget her reaction when he took her outside. When she rolled through the door to the beautiful afternoon sunshine, we heard an absolute piercing squeal/scream. At first it sounded like pain, but it was, in fact, pure joy unfiltered. It broke my heart into a million pieces because I don't think I've ever seen anyone have such a reaction to just going outside. She LOVED it.

birthday girl

Today has been quiet and happy, a big rainstorm this morning washing the yard and plants. I cannot wait for our first tomatoes from the big green plants at the end of the ramp. It was my birthday, too, so the joy was doubled.

On this last day of June, enjoy the sunlight and the rain. Have a happy 4th of July!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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NanaDiana said...

Gayla- Belated Happy Birthday to you and your Mom. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful get-together. I am so glad your mom was able to get up and about a bit. Are you just not able to get her outside by yourself? It sounds like that really did her a lot of good. I bet she is tired today from all the hoopla though.
God bless you. I know your job is NOT an easy one and you are handling it in a good spirit. xo Diana