Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy 92nd!

When Mom came home in February, she began planning a party for this summer. She and I share birthdays, so she began to organize and dream of a birthday party (kind of for me, but I think for herself actually!)

She spoke to a dear friend who caters parties, and they discussed menu and dates. But what we decided to do was to have a little week of celebration to any and all who decided to come visit. So from Tuesday through Saturday, if you are in the area, drop in and have a little bite of something and a little visit with Mama... NO GIFTS...  just a little visit with the most dedicated party planner of the Midwest!

The other night I took her picture and she was appalled to see "that old lady" in the shot. So I took a selfie and showed her myself without any makeup and pretty darn bedraggled. My mother took a look at mine and quickly said, "Well, what are you complaining about? You don't look THAT much older than I do!"  Oh, I cut my own hair that very night...  haha...

P.S. Don't expect anything this fancy. Wouldn't that be wonderful though? I love these!


Miss Merry said...

Happy Birthday to both you and your mom. A weeklong celebration open house sounds like a great idea! Time to visit with all your guests and not as tiring (hopefully) as one big party. I hope you both have a great time.

Becky K. said...

I'll be visiting in my heart. Would love to meet both of you in person!!
Happy Birthday!!!