Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Whimsy and Hugs!

We have been celebrating a milestone birthday for a dear friend the past two days... First a mutual dear friend and I created this sign for her since she has kept her childhood farm as a retreat and keepsake. This was entirely the concept and creation of my friend, who caught the inspiration from a sign at a local merchant. The paints and board and prep work are all hers and the lettering is mine. The sign was a complete hit!

Day One 

Had a little soiree for my friend and her sister and two others on the actual birthday. and a little pizza party on the day after so she could take her time opening her gifts... which she did. The first day we gave her the sign, and we ate fruit salad, nibbles, and meat and cheeses from a deli tray...

Day Two

After I blogged in December about my long time love of Johnson Brothers Strawberry Faire vintage china my mother (pre stroke) was obsessed with giving it to me. We found a truly reasonable auction or two on Facebook, and I received  four place settings on Christmas morning. Then... after all the drama of our winter and spring I actually forgot about it. I rediscovered it about two weeks ago in my grandmother's china cabinet where I had stacked it for safe keeping in the hurried aftermath of clearing while Mom recuperated in the hospital and we revamped the house to accept a hospital bed in the living room and my bedroom in the dining room... Wow! How does one forget such a treasure? By almost loosing a greater one I'm thinking. So... today seemed the perfect timing to enjoy new to me china at my friend's party. 

I actually just set the table. My dear friend made a yummy Italian vegetable salad, which we ate served in the teacups. She picked up the Casey's supreme pizza and a Mississippi Mud chocolate cake pre-made. The glassware belonged to my grandmother, and I liberated it from solitary confinement in the china cabinet...

We had a sweet time all day. Mom was able to get in on the party to an extent.

The rest of the week looks a little more quiet I think. However, we do always expect to be surprised by very welcome guests. Have a good week!


Miss Merry said...

That china is gorgeous and what a lovely surprise to re-discover it! Sounds like quite the party around your place! Looks like Spring is starting on a more positive note! Think of you often, my friend.

Heaven's Walk said...

You are always embracing and enjoying life and friends to it's fullest, Gayla. Love that so much! That china and glassware is just beautiful! Have a beautiful weekend, girlie - and have fun! :)

xoxo laurie