Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Family Favorite

This poem was copied by hand, hanging in a homemade celluloid frame in my grandmother's house. I have always found it to be lovely...And so true...

Life is like a journey
Taken on a train
With a pair of travelers
At each window pane.

I may sit beside you
All the journey through,
Or I may sit elsewhere
Never knowing you.

But if fate should have us
To sit side by side,
Let's be pleasant travelers.
It's so short a ride.


CIELO said...

So very true.... The journey is indeed short.... We decide how the ride is going to be.... Let's bring in the warmth, through love.

Gotta go check on Mom..... How's she doing?


racheld said...

What a charming, telling poem! A homier version of ships that pass in the night," and a more familiar experience.

And TRAINS! I wanna get right on that smoky, windows-letting-in-cinder-smoke on my new gabardine traveling suit train, and just RIDE. I grew up three houses from the train-tracks in a tiny Southern town, and those hurtling, smoking beasts of travel were the most exciting modes of travel I could imagine. I'd go down to the corner in the evening, climb up in the neighbor's immense wisteria vine, and watch the dining-car windows like a wide panoply of TV screens, thinking that was the most luxurious, most romantic, most elegant thing anyone could do in life.

I try every day to make this journey a pleasant one for anyone I'm traveling with.