Saturday, April 16, 2016

Something New

Well, what I'm talking about is new to my generation, I think. The younger generation, with its link to today's medical technology, is able to predict the gender of a new baby months before it arrives. I know two schools of thought exist on this, and I'm honestly on both sides. Whatever the couple/parent wants is great!

My son is headed to a REVEAL party for a co-worker. Part of the perk of working with a group of nurses on computer support is a friendship with the staff. He is part of a group having a big reveal party in a nearby town, and he even signed himself up for snack detail. I love baking or making goodies, so he knows to always put his name down on that.

Today I surprised him with Reveal Rice Krispies/Marshmallow Treats. I honestly didn't see it on Pinterest, but I'm sure an even grander version exists. It didn't hurt mine to be plopped into a Temptations Violet 9 x 13. Love, love that brand of cookware. He was tickled that I'd gone to "so much trouble." Isn't it cool when people don't know how easy Rice Krispie Treats are?  I forwarned him to eat the pink unless he wants a little bitty blue on his tongue.

Lovely Saturday Sun and Breezes. Mom has her front door open with birds chirping right at her shoulder it seems. Time for contemplating the treat that is tomorrow... Kids coming for lunch and THE GOOD WITCH returns!  YAY!!! And also yay that I have more Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and butter...

P.S. It is a boy~

Whimsy and Hugs!


racheld said...

Absolutely lovely---the dish is SPRING all by itself. What a fun event that must be, and I'm with you---though I love the wonderful surprise of hearing the news from an excited parent after the birth, I do think the parents' choice is best. It's always delivered with that breathless anticipation/fulfillment of happiness, no matter the time.

Simply charming and scrumptious.

What a kind Goodie Godmother you are!


Miss Merry said...

My daughter had a gender reveal for her twins 5 years ago. It was so much fun! She had baked cupcakes and hollowed them out, then placed the appropriate filling inside. The tops were white with a yellow "A" or "B". It was fun to bite into the cupcakes all at once and discover A was a boy and B was a girl!

I am expecting #9 this week. The past 5 have been boys (the only time we had a girl was Baby B of the twins). And the dad's family has all granddaughters! This one is a surprise and we will all be happy, no matter the flavor.

Love that casserole! Gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying some Spring, getting some rest and taking care of yourself.