Thursday, March 31, 2016


Whimsy and Hugs!

Imagine waking up and going about the morning as usual...  making a few messes and getting things organized for the day. Then imagine looking out the window to see your dear friend, her daughter, and the wee cute little granddaughter with their gardening tools, snipping the hedges, raking the leaves from under them, and painting the furniture outside! Wow! I was so grateful. What kindness does is simply melt the heart. My friend reminded me and my mother that my dad had once loaned her our little patio wrought iron pieces for her wedding and that Daddy had, of course, spiffed and painted them up for that occasion. I had a friend once who claimed rigorously, "It all comes back." Well, I'm here to tell you that any kindness we have given has come back in triplicate!

Just earlier last week my yard was blessed with other cleaning, the limbs and even a tree hauled to the back of the farm. My sister/cousin and her hubby.... We have even had the first yard-mowing, rather early for Missouri, but oh, how pretty it all looks. A little gal who helps me, a friend of my son's, came this week with her daughter, and they went on a hunt for Easter and St. Patrick's Day items in my house. We packed them all away and brought out the faeries! You should see my mantel! I'll take a photo soon, and then you will, I reckon! Her little girl was so sweet, and Mama thinks they are both adorable. She loves the way they are quiet and quick about the house, kind at heart.

Is there anything brighter than a bunch of fruit in water in a crystal clear pitcher? I would love to have that on my table at every meal.

Nope. Those brown things are not weird beer bottles with squirters.  How odd that I would think they look like that since I've never heard of such a thing. Indeed they are METHOD cleaner Wood for Good Almond scent. Deeeliciolus....  I love to share cleaning items with my friends. I hope they think of me as they bless their houses with the product...  and I know I think of all the love and help everyone has given me these past two months. Yes! We are coming up on the two month anniversary of being home from the hospital.

Here is a sneak peek at a new set of dishes. (I know I should join a five step program for dish buyers.) These are called simply "Summer." and I love the little sea shells and water clams scattered on the turquoise/teal china. I guess the main hobby I have is setting my table to entertain or thank the dear friends who enter here and visit, calming me, loving us, and bringing joy and goodness into our lives. I know my mother appreciates it, and I certainly don't know how to express how much it means to get a text that says, "Want company tonight?" or to simply look out my door and find a smiling face on the other side. Angels, they are...  angels watching over me, My Lord...

I have been setting out S'mores fixings with the idea that people will build a little treat as their desert. Well...  So far, I seem to be the only one who has taken myself up on the offer. Don't mind if I do! A few seconds in Mr. Microwave and it's Kumbaya and campfire time for moi!  I think it's such a cute idea, actually...  haha..  

Have a lovely weekend. I'll try to pop in with photos of my faieries and other goodness that is cropping up all around us. Time tomorrow to begin another Traveler's notebook with my new month's goals and ideas. I can't believe how much I've enjoyed that hobby...  Four months are tucked away in a drawer in a ribbon to remind me some future day about 2016,  the year that brought the lessons, the gifts, the changes, and the kindness. 


Miss Merry said...

So happy you have a support system. I know how much that means. Happy Spring!

Heaven's Walk said...

It's such a blessing to hear that things are going so well for you and your momma, Gayla. I've been keeping you both in my prayers! :) I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the beautiful things growing in your garden. Oh how I love spring!

Love to you, sweets!

xoxo laurie

racheld said...

Wonderful friends, a beautiful, welcoming pitcher to share, and the sweet sweetness of the ready-to-hand s'mores! I can tell you've led a kind life, for all the Bread you've cast upon the waters seems to be coming back as CAKE.

Happy April!


NanaDiana said...

How wonderful to have some help!!! Listen, if you find that DBACA group (Dish Buyers And Collectors Anonymous) let me know- I need to join right along with you. That being said- I LOVE your new dishes. lol xo Diana