Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Saturday

Had a wonderful day today. I decided to make a cake from the cookbook I gave Mama for Christmas, Nancy Fuller's Farmhouse Rules. I love her comments as much as the recipes. Mom has really loved her for years, but with me she has been an acquired taste. It is always fun to watch her show on Food Network though.

I decided to do a 9 x 13 instead of layers. Huge walnuts, huh? It was very "cinnamony," and I even slighted that spice a little in the batter. My very favorite carrot cake is one I found on the blog that belonged to a very old man, Grandpa Sam, I think. I believe I'll go back to it next time. I usually make a carrot cake in the Spring once and maybe in the Fall. This one has chunks of pineapple I cut from rings, so it has nice moist bits of goodness. I've already been in it, of course. I mean, ya have to sample the wares before serving, right?

Today I gathered all the little nearly burnt candles and decided to create a little garden of light, soot, and fragrance... I am in a clearing mood because I had company yesterday, and my house suddenly looked so cluttered and disharmonic. I was rather the same in my conversation, batting around from one subject to the next. I think she was a little concerned about my mind. Sometimes I get like that, and it often is helped by ordering my space a little. I'll be happy to put away the Easter decorations. My mother told me the other day that I "peaked too soon" on Easter. I do that, too...  I'm already planning a Fourth of July motif in my mind. Calm, lady...  Just be.

I have been watching this old pitcher from my grandmother's collection stored atop the china cabinet. Today was the day to slip it down and shine it up. The gold stripes are just a bit worse for the years of entertaining done by my dad's mother. I love the shape of the front of the pitcher, and believe me, the little spout doesn't dribble anywhere except in those tiny little glasses....  I have seven glasses, which lets me know somebody broke number 8.

I didn't get my Pinterest project done because I forgot to get my Doublestuff Oreos.  Lol.. I saw the cutest little peep birds made with those. I have one last change to do them because I'm planning to have guests during the week next week... Or I could make those delicious cookies with Ritz and peanut butter dipped in the candy coating. Hmmmmm...  If I do, a photo will magically appear on this blog post!

This makes me think two things. 1. I hope that's true because I don't consider myself physically beautiful at all. And 2. I hope I do have a beautiful heart. I come closer to that than the other, for sure! haha...  Except at times...  Ah, well..  I'm doing the cluttered mind thing again. Time to set the table for my son and my dear friend who are both expecting Easter dinner tomorrow.

Hugs and Happy Easter!

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

It sounds like things are going better for you! Be sure to rest and take care of yourself, too. Happy Easter.

racheld said...

i just love that "Garden of Light, Soot and Fragrance!!" Sounds like a sermon for using up and enjoying and just simply living our best with what we have and can achieve.

I haven't made a "real" carrot cake in years, and for the past couple, have had splendid results with that Duncan Hines something-or-other that means REALLY GOOD. The best cake mix of any sort I've ever found, moist and flavorful and perfect with cream cheese frosting in a 9x13---it gets better, slice by slice til the whole thing is gone.

I hope you had a lovely Easter dinner with your lovies, and that the rest of SPRING is wonderful for you. We had our Easter Lunch with our in-town group yesterday and it was lovely---all pastels and flowers and beautiful eggs, arranged as only an eight-year-old can when given free hand. We just came back from upstairs from a wonderful brunch up at "Caro's house"---the first time since her illness that she's felt like cooking, and it was splendiferous.

Next weekend we hope to have our Ohio group, who are gone on a church camp-out with a lot of friends; I'd love to have been there in the forest this morning at the Sunrise Service.

All the best to you and all you love,