Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Crispy Mush

This fine foggy morning is off to a great start! Our beloved Speech/Swallow therapist comes very early, about 7:15 or 7:30. It gets the day started with something positive because she is amazing. Love her attitude and the way she works with Mom. She usually gives her a little kiss on the top of the forehead as she leaves. I think Medicare is going to take her away soon, but she has definitely been a major player in Mom's recovery process. Gift from God.

Today Mom really showed off. She has been insisting that if she were given real food, she could eat. Today Carolyn tried a doughnut purchased by that irresistible grandson of Mom's! Oh, my. We laughed and laughed because Mom chewed like a teenager on that doughnut. She's exhausted now, but she ate about 3/4 of it. Good job, my son! He follows her instructions better than I do.

Now, I decided to try something new I'd never made and didn't think I'd ever like (or cook.) Mom is a lover of fried mush. Shiver...   I decided to go about it the old fashioned way. Last night I made the mush and put it in a bowl to chill overnight. Today I followed her lovingly directed instructions to cut it in a slab, lightly flour, and fry until crispy in butter. I did it all except the crispy because Mom isn't really supposed to do crispy. Poured Wisconsin maple syrup over the top. Carolyn skeptically served it to Mom. She had never experienced fried mush either.

"Uh. NOT CRISPY!!!!!!" loudly said my little mother, who can not move much of anything at all.

I responded in a bright voice, "It's good. You can't have crunchy things yet. It's yummy. Taste the maple syrup all over it?"

"NEEDS to be crispy." came the little, strong voice.

Then there was a bit of coughing. Mom really has trouble with food still. That's why she is on a liquid feeding diet, as well as the homemade food.

"Sometimes you have to make do with what you have. You make the very best of what you are given," ventured I, the foolhardy.

Her eyes flew open in baby-blue astonishment. "What?" she queried in shock.

I repeated quite energetically the admonition I have lived by for a good many, many years. Mom looked at me squarely and replied, "Yes. I suppose. Or.....  you can just keep insisting on what you need changed,.... and complain...  until you eventually get exactly what you want."

"That works for you?" I laughed, thinking she was teasing.

My mama wasn't teasing one little bit. She smiled at me and said sweetly, "Oh, yes. It works. It has worked for 90 years."

Indeed. Crispy mush it is.

Have a good week!  hahahahahahahahahahahaha..... Not teasing.
Whimsy and Hugs!


Latane Barton said...

hey, if it worked for her then, it should work for her now. I say Crispy Mush.

Becky K. said...

Crispy it must be. Bless your mama. She knows what she wants. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Sweet blessings to you and your mother.
-Ellen in CA