Saturday, February 20, 2016

just hanging out... Watching Hallmark movies...

We are into our third week here at home, and things are going well. Mom seems better all the time. Improvements in what she gets to eat have really made her happier. She also daily says she likes to be home.
I love it, too, that she's home and able to see all of us in our own habitat.
I'm probably on-call more than I have been in a while, but something about the alternating hectic-busy, then quiet pace.... and the gifts of the heart we are giving each other make this a truly wonderful experience.
Mama has her days and nights mixed up. And for the first time in decades I have mine totally "normal." This morning at 1:30 a.m. she called for me to come in, only to request something, preferably Diet Coke, to help her wake up. I advised her to not do that and to get back to sleep.
Have a perfectly lovely week.

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Miss Merry said...

Hallmark Movies - so jealous! The first few weeks with my dad were the March Madness Basketball (I had no idea how many HOURS those games take). Then it was daily reruns of American Pickers. I had to have seen each episode 100 times. Each time was new to him. At the time they ran it four hours every afternoon. . .