Friday, February 12, 2016

Home is best

Mom is loving her new location! She is doing just fine. I have lots of help, and I have learned a lot about Home Health care organizations. We have an awesome speech and swallow therapist who makes the whole process worthwhile. But the organization we chose? Oh, honey.

When this kind of new journey the words of Yoda come to mind: "Do or do not. There is no try." Well said, Master Yoda!!!

Yesterday I made a quiche and set the table for Valentine company who did not come... I hadn't invited anyone. Just an experiment. Today I have a couple friends on the way. I think they are bringing a pizza, which is good because I had lunch today and yesterday and supper last night off that quiche!


Miss Merry said...

So glad things are going well and that you have lots of help! Enjoy your pizza.

Anonymous said...

As an RN I say thank you for giving a shout out to nurses.

In Ohio

From My Country Sunrise said...

You are doing a great job!!Aunt Norma praises your care> Thanks for the valentine coffee and our visit~~Will continue again another day and make it last all month~~LOve you♥