Saturday, February 27, 2016

Celebrate Family and Friends

We have had a busy weekend here at Meadow Lane. I am a firm believer in having something to look forward to, then enjoying the memory after. My sweet Sister/Cousin celebrated her birthday Friday, so Mom and I enjoyed her visit that afternoon. We drank iced tea and had some peach berry cobbler and some gifts. Mom had bought her gifts in the Fall before her stroke, so it was fun to wrap those and see Mom sparkle that she had picked those out herself. She is on task for the next holiday as she sometimes listens to QVC through the night.

A gift of buzzing bees and sunshine from my Sister/Cousin on HER birthday!

Friday night I fixed some shrimp for two friends, and we just hung out. One friend's delicious salad she brought was just the perfect accompaniment  to my Hawaiian and popcorn shrimp, baked potato, and broccoli cheese dish. They visited with Mom when she was awake, but she had earlier been through a physical therapy session that made her groggy. We always have so much fun.

I have finished decorating for Easter and Spring all through the house. I thought so, anyway, but I noticed the gingerbread wreath today still hanging around at party number three.  Oops!

Nothing to do but tuck St. Pat in with Easter this year!

Today was a Cousin's Day with the daughters of my Dad's two sisters. One is my Sister/Cousin, and one of the others also had a February birthday. Everyone brought delicious food and sweet, sweet gifts! We enjoy getting together so much. Such shared sweetness of common memory cannot be found in any other relationship. Sharing the same beloved grandparents is magical. We found ourselves recreating the traditional foods always prepared for our childhood Christmas. My Aunt Elizabeth's delicious hot rolls, indescribably buttery and sweet--- My Aunt Opal's Katie Salad, a fluffy concoction of pineapple, pecans, marshmallows maraschino and mystery all tucked in to a shiny green holly pattern ceramic bowl--- And my mother's baked beans, legendary and a meal in themselves. Ma's turkey and noodles and her green beans, cooked low and slow for flavor... After we all chimed in with a dish, there was that tiniest moment of silence, then smiles. I am thinking we were tasting the joy of that Christmas tradition... shared, memorized in the heart, and treasured.

We snacked on my cousin's lovely cucumber sandwiches in pretty circles of marbled whole wheat and soft white bread. And oh, don't forget the beautiful crystal plate she brought to serve them on, her husband's grandmother's! Harry and David cheese ball and yummy chips, crackers and sun chips from another, and my third cousin created fabulous root beer floats with little, royal icing sugar bees...

I gave them each a mud pie silver spoon and mini candle.

Tomorrow I am getting lunch for my son and a friend. Mom is finally getting a little food. Her newest love:

Still doing our best.

Whimsy and Hugs!

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From My Country Sunrise said...

We had such a special day!~Love all your beautiful decorations and all my Special birthday treasures! HUGS