Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow day

It snowed just a little more through the night, and I saw snow plows running at four a.m. Several schools cancelled today. I haven't quite made up my mind, but I think I'll stay home today. My son can go in because he's working right across the highway at his regular computer workplace.

P.S. I went in... She is asleep, but I'm here anyway..

I changed the mantle from Santa to snow, snowballs, snowflakes, and village. And I couldn't bear to part with the cheer that Copper boiler brings me. I love how it twinkles at night with its red tiny lights. It's just a big garland with silk poinsettias tucked in and a red stand of mini lights wound through. However, it seems almost to be a cozy fire in the old, worn fireplace. That takes me back to the childhood nights when my dad made it warmer than warm and we three sat around the flames and cooked hot dogs for supper on a little motorized rotary gizmo Daddy invented and made. He called it the "Gayla Cooker." Never will a hot dog again taste so exquisite. That was long before "they" gave them such a bad rap about their additives and fillers. Those little sandwiches in white bread flapped over and a little squirt of ketchup, relish, (and mustard for dad and me. Mom hates it) were food for the gods...

I spent hours last night and this morning steaming the floor in the kitchen. I bought a new Bissel hard surface steamer. Love it! As I've said before, these linoleum floors are about sixty years old. All the stream and love in the world can't make them pretty again. But I had such a good time trying. Is that odd? Do I care?

I've been to the hospital or staying , overnight in it every day since December 27.  I don't think Mom will be ready to come home when her Medicare runs out, so we will have to co pay a while. A word to the wise: Get a Medicare supplement in case of this kind of scenario.

There is some kind of wild animal rustling around on the front porch. He's banging into the wicker furniture. I've seen all kinds of tracks up there, including ground hog and even deer. Think I'll keep my nose inside and let him be.

Mom's nurse called. She said Mom was rather quiet today but doing about the same.

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From My Country Sunrise said...

Love your boiler I still have my light and greenery i the crock!!Keeping my snow dome up Aunt NOrma and you gave me!!And my angel when the lights come on I think she has come to see us!She always says a phrase to show promise! You be safe!!THat mind is sharp Love you both to the moon and back!!