Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Personal traveler's notebook wallet

I've been enjoying some really interesting YouTube videos that feature these traveler's notebooks as journals, as wallets, as planners. So, I decided since I never like to be without paper, etc., this looks like me.

If you are a YouTube watcher, check out Jenny Penton Planner Perfect for ideas.
Chic Sparrow has some beauties, so I've opted for one called The American Dream Deluxe. In Pacific blue, size personal... It's filled with cool pockets, and I have a coin zipper pouch on the way. Just a little scrapbook paper does the trick to jazz up ordinary fillers.

I had my name engraved on the front and all that wonderfulness. It's fun to plan and make grocery lists all in the same place. The idea is to have a little wallet that is more useful. It also holds my phone. And makes soup... Well, not the soup. But it would if it could.

Mom is in her chair right now. Doing pretty well. Not sure when, but looks like she will get to come home soon... In the next few weeks or days. Then we'll see what we can do.

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CIELO said...

They are lovely.... And your handwriting.... My dear, it has enchanted me ;). So good to hear mom is doing good. Blessings and magic to you.