Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey there! Fun for who?

Still doing really well. I hear more and more from Mama every day. Today she shot off her numbers to 20 in nothing flat when I quizzed her. She does a series of questions and opposites. Her ideas are cute. In goes with out. Up goes with down. But bacon goes with... tomatoes. (Of course, it does!) And when I say black, she fires off... blue!

I told her that my son was going to go to Columbia for awhile and then come by here. I asked if that sounded like fun... She thought a minute and then said. "Fun for who?" Indeed, Mama...

I packed away about two-thirds of the Christmas decorations and cleaned on the kitchen last night. I'm convinced that elves come in at night and during the day and make messes, get laundry dirty, and generally cause housework to pile up while I'm at the hospital.

So, as in other posts, it's one day at a time and hoping for the best.

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