Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday in Missouri

Good morning!  It's that overcast, hazy kind of morning that seems to beckon us to forget summer's glory and anticipate the cooler, cozying-in kind of Autumn, even Winter days ahead. I decided I had waited long enough, so a huge red pot of chili is simmering on the stove in anticipation of our Sunday dinner with my son and his friends. We are also having hot dogs (his and my choice) and chicken wings (Mom's choice). If we were football families, this sounds like a tailgating party. However, I'm the only football person in the bunch. My dad and I were the ones who lobbied to get the game on every weekend and most definitely on New Year's Day. I have lost that battle now, for sure.

I was gifted with this amazingly beautiful batter bowl and pie plate by a dear, dear friend. She also brought the delicious apples. Tender Crisp...  Pure tart sweet deliciousness.... These pottery pieces are a part of the Pioneer Woman collection available at Walmart. I love the colors. They coordinate perfectly with my set of dishes I bought in April. If you look closely, you see my KitchenAid has been dolled up with stand mixer stickers purchased on Amazon. The set is designed to fit a KitchenAid, and it's much, much, tons cheaper than the airbrushed model on the Pioneer Woman show. 

No Autumn post is complete without a shot of pumpkins in a patch somewhere. These are from a bit back in time, but I'm sure the lot is just as pretty now.

Part of the fun of living seasonally is to change out the towels dangling from the over door handle. These are my fall ones, but stay tuned for more spooky Halloween jewels.

Probably one of my favorite things is finding a little spot to perch my Boyd's Bear Wizard. This year he chose these miniature pumpkins and my Temp*Tations tube pan in Fall-fetti. I love his attitude as he happily sits IN THE WAY of my coffee station. Perhaps I'll coax him to nestle in a different, less conspicuous spot...  but I doubt it.

Now, here's something I'll bet you don't find in most kitchens. Here we have an antique spice jar with what inside? None other than antique pickling spice. If we pop off the top of this beauty, we get the most delicious, mellow aroma. We should. This spice itself and the jar belonged to my dear, dear grandmother, Minnie Samantha. When we took things from her kitchen, neither Mother nor I could bear to part with this little bottle of pickling spice, just as it sat. I have emptied the spice carefully many times and scrubbed up the jar because it gets that cloudy film known for spices. But never a thought goes into spilling this treasure into the trash. My grandmother was a farm cook, and it wasn't unusual for her to pickle just about anything she could find either from the garden or the bargain bin at the grocery store. I just love this to pieces... You will often find me with my nose tucked into the top of this and my mind long lost in happy thoughts of her lovely pink and red kitchen.

White, Cinderella looking Temp*Tation pumpkin filled with breakfast health bars...  Tempting? Well...  kind of. I have grown accustomed to a Corazon bar for breakfast or late night to take the edge off...  They supposedly are good for the heart, hence the name...  They aren't too bad, actually. My friend gave me that marvelous china spice drawer chest in the back. Loving that black and white toille.

Finally, my post ends with a peek at the chili pot waiting in the wings and a lovely poppy teapot happily perched on the top of my spice drawers. No, the iron stew pot is not Le Crueset... but Lodge from Walmart. But I do love, love the heavy vessel and use it almost every day.

Lots of use I see on the light switch's cast iron surface...  This house has been living in, loved in, and cared for...  but it's sooooo old...  Kinda like.... Well, I just won't go there, haha..

Have yourselves a marvelous week filled with doing things you love and people you cherish. Thanks for reading my blog and for all the support and comments through the years. You guys rock!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Haven't gone to the pumpkin patch yet! Yes, that is a part of Autumn.

Especially, of Samhain! (Pronounced Sowwww-en, on the word of a true Irishwoman)

This year, I reject the Christianized name of Halloween! Ding-dang-it! I hold with no religion, so why not go back to the roots? Yes!!! :-)