Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Whimsy and Hugs...

Whimsy and Hugs!

This morning is simply beautiful. To all my dear friends who love summer, I am about to apologize because this is not the post for them. I am totally in love with the season I'm in. I decided a few years back to give it a go to love every season, since we are alive in each one for a good quarter of our lives. And I do love the absolute joys of summer. However, Autumn is just my favorite. And we have a few more days before the real Autumn arrives. One year I was so bedraggled and ready for the cooler temperatures I took a huge pumpkin and a candle and had a little celebration to usher in the beauty of the season. I heartily recommend that. For every cycle of our lives, whatever the cost, whatever the changes... I know it is impossible to welcome some of them. However, acclimation is something to consider.

I have added some touches of turquoise to my usual Autumnal palette, and I'm loving the cooling effect it has on my spirit. In this top photo, taken before the sunshine was really ready to add any natural light, my scrumptious aqua throw beckons us for a little afternoon nap. I love the way it looks stretched out on my bed, and I'm loving the little greeting the bed gives me from my new room upstairs.

I had this topper from a few year's back, and I've discovered it's a match to the quilt I just bought last week. How amazing is that? I'm just that organized!  haha..  Everyone who knows me will get a laugh on that one. This little angel sends her light and rainbow of colors through the room most of the night. Ever ready, my little oils and diffuser and my little jar of pens and markers. Give me pens and markers, and I'll give you sweet release from stress. I used to doodle constantly at school. I had to really watch out or I'd decorate some kid's paper. Believe it or not, they didn't like that.  haha...  What they did love was if I'd make them a heart and swag with certain initials calligraphy style etched into the mix. Ah, young love. I do miss that. However, after a few weeks of my colleagues back in school I have to admit it is fun to stay cozy every morning, drinking coffee or watching the grass grow!

This week my little car has been back in disrepair. There is something definitely wrong with it. If you start it after it's tired, it just won't run unless you give it lots of gas....  I hope to get it completely fixed this time. Ugh... Who knows what evils lurk in the costs of that. But...  I do need wheels with which to fly through Autumn's colors...  I don't love my car as I've loved others. Never did. But it has been very good to me, despite the fact little mice know how to get into it and do evil things. Please, oh please, never let a little ole mouse run over my foot or up my skirt while I'm driving. Oh, no...  not that.

Antique bowl, aqua battery candles, and lit pumpkins...  My mother looked at the mantle and quietly said, "It's different." I don't think it's her cup of tea. She isn't into those glitzy candle stands quite. I certainly AM into them...  haha..

I also tucked some purple mercury glass into a basket of leaves. Now, I'm loving that color combination almost as much as the aqua and orange.


Those little antique dolls are naughty as they can be. They have enticed sooo many little visitors into trouble. They beckon at toddlers to come over and play, yet they are totally breakable and entirely off limits. Poor little tykes get into deep trouble with their mamas. We put them away one time for months, and not a single toddler entered the home. So...  back out they slipped. Voila! Bunches of babies...

My sweet cousin who I also call sister because we are both only children and have been through so much, both good and not so good.... She gave me these sweet little figurines a few days ago. I love the little witch who perches on a pumpkin table with her buddies, the Autumn gnome and the little prince frog. I put them in a little dome that is from Valerie Par Hill, a decorator I adore from QVC. Seems like they are apart from this world in their own little aura...  I used to have a poster that said, "I'm in my own little world. They like me there." Although I think any world would welcome this trio.

At least ten years ago I made the little hat and found the sweet witch graphic for a tag. I love the look of it on my Authenticity Journal...  Turquoise again, I see.  I'm amazed how many places it's popping up all by itself.


The last two pictures of my dreams will lull me into action. Wouldn't this place be a magical retreat. I found it on Facebook, and alas! I do not know whose it is. If you do, please let me know so I can give credit and even ask permission to repost it. I would love a little garden nook like this, but I do almost zero outside any more. I do love it though. If I had a working magic wand, this would definitely be mine! haha..  So for now, I'll be content with the pumpkin patch below glowing beside my bed through the early night. Have a lovely summerly/autumnal week. Enjoy every minute we can.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

2nd picture... Topper? Do you mean that lovely lamp shade? Love it!

I do try to be happy in whatever Season is here. At least, not hate-it-to-pieces. ,-) But Autumn is lovely. !!!!!!!

Not cold yet. Full of beautiful color. A glorious ending, in a way. Coming of cozy time. Halloween. Which I appreciate more, than when I was young. When cool enough, can have a fire in the fireplace. Etc. Etc.

Enjoy the Season! I can see that it invigorates you!

Oh and your comment did show up, from as Gayla. Not from that old blog of yours. :-)


From My Country Sunrise said...

Love the little people in the glass dome eveything looks so festive!!Been up long while~~Just listening to the rain~~making plans for all I want to do when we get home~Ha mind never stops♥ Have a great day~~ I will take some pictures! we will have to run away soon to the pumpkin and mum store and get a breathe of fresh air~~Love you