Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Post of Summer...

Whimsy and Hugs!  This will, no doubt, be my last post until Fall arrives on Wednesday. The only to do on my list before then is to pick up a real Pumpkin at the Farmer's Market in town if I get to fly in on my broomstick before Midnight Tuesday night.

The house is as decorated as it will get for the upcoming season. I think this is all we have, but usually I pop open a tote at Christmas and find a whole lot of laughing pumpkins. With the recent rearrangement of some of the rooms, I obviously put things in all new places this year.

I gave in and got a new coffee maker for company and for days when I simply know it is going to call for more than one cup. My Keurig is fantastic, but the regular pot of coffee just can't be equaled. Costs less, too, I'm thinking. Mom bought me a very basic Mr. Coffee. He's just the fellow for a chilled rainy morning when I'm programmed to do housework all day. Okay. Okay...  I have used him once in two weeks....  haha...  I may have to use him even when I'm not so programmed!  I can't use it all the time, or I'll be too caffeinated.

Of course, Fall brings with her a bunch of pests. I just killed in diabolical battle a huge, two-inch dark spider who was quietly smiling on my crystal cake plate filled with soaps and lotions...  I was probably only four inches from it when I looked down and thought, "I don't decorate with spiders." To be honest and fair, there are a lot of Halloween things, including my famous POTIONS sign...  He probably thought he was going to be honored. Well, he was finally squished with a third try and a big hunk of tissue...  Mom thought I was brave. I so thought he was going to get away. Spiders are hardy.

We have at least a pair of fat ground hogs who live in our yard. They have a couple burrows to duck into, including underneath the new deck, down a hole where an old well once was, and under the barn/garage right by my room. I was watching one this morning, and he was positively ticked off when he noticed a glint from the house and decided he wasn't alone. He stopped a few times coming toward the window and glowered at me. One of them also stood his ground with my sister/cousin the other evening. Ground Hogs aren't cute I don't think, and they are super fierce...  I'm kind of scared of them.

I made some brownies this morning, and I've been working on more organization ideas for this old space. That kind of thing and laundry keep me as busy as I need or want to be most mornings. Then in the afternoon, it depends if it's a work day or a recuperation day...  I feel like I have to work in order to deserve to recuperate.  haha..

All that may change as I get it together to start some kind of business. I'm going to have both an online site and some periphery items in the upcoming Studio downstairs. Got to get some health issues on Mom's and my part taken care of to do it right, but even if I do it wrong, it will be something fun to work toward, I'm thinking.

Are you Dancing With the Stars people? I am not, but I've watched almost every one of them in the past eight years because Mom likes it. This year is simply unbelievable. There are at least six stars there who dance only a tiny bit better than Mom could. Walker and All...  I kid you not. I was sad to see Paula Deen so pitiful, crying and acting classless. I couldn't believe how stupid the Jockey was in his imitation of a dance. Add to that Shaka Khan, who I thought was told to carry on the torch byPatti LaBelle, but she could not dance! Then that real housewife of Atlanta was beautiful, booby, and horrible on her feet...  But...  the truest crazy dancer of them all has to be Gary Bussey. Oh, my. He and I share a birthday, June 29. I almost want to change my day! And his mental state is not any better than his dancing. Scary stuff. I miss the British older judge, Len. Oh, well...  it's just TV.

I hope you have accomplished more today than I have---  if you desired to. And if you took a relaxation day, then I hope you enjoyed every idle moment! Have a great week...  See you next Fall!

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Happy Eve of the Autumn Equinox, to you!