Monday, August 24, 2015

Photos from the dark...

Hey there! I went off the grid a whole week, didn't I? Sometimes the days just run jumbling and laughing smack into each other. I look around and I have lost time. Had a lot going on but little of it was blog worthy.

One highlight of my week was a tiny road trip with my sister/cousin in her new car. What a dream boat! It's just like a super cloud of sleekness.. She has one of those cameras to see behind, a moon roof, all kinds of goodies. We turned on her Sirius radio and heard 60's music the whole time. "Ten.twenty.thirty. Forty. Fifty or more. The bloody Red Baron had wrote on his score!" Yes! It was! Snoopy vs. The Red Baron! Love that song. We drove around the beautiful lake. We stopped at Casey's and bought Taco pizza and some sandwiches, brought them home and ate with Mama. Then she put my Daybed together in the studio! Awesome!

My son and two friends came for lunch today. Had an easy favorite, a recipe from a dear friend. It's called oriental cabbage and it couldn't be more simple. Brown and crumble one pound hamburger. Drain. Add a little water to skillet, some soy sauce, and cut up cabbage. I love using a coleslaw mix because it's easy, perfectly cut, and it has a little carrots in there. Steam the cabbage and adjust the soy sauce seasoning. My friend serves it over rice, but we are Paleo so we don't.

Sorting through some Autumn totes. Too early for anything Halloween. I'm loving the way my bed feels and looks upstairs. Have a lovely week. These shots are kind of dark. Guess it was nearly twilight when I took them!

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Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Ohhhh yessssss! A *real live* bed!!!!! Hoooooray!!!!!

Glad you had some fun, during your Off-The-Grid week. :-)))) Fun is an absolute necessity!!! Tessa sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...